Statistics are everywhere in the media.  Some are used well, an, : some are not.  As part of the goal of STAT 301, you will become a savvy media statistics consumer.  This project is not meant to be completed in one night or even in one week.  You are expected to be working on this project over the whole summer semester.  You will read something in a newspaper, in a magazine, and on websites. You will hear about statistics in radio reports, like on National Public Radio.  You will see statistics on television and even on YouTube.  The Exponent can sometimes be a good resource.  Described in the document linked below are 12 types of articles (or online files) to collect and to explain.  You need to complete 8 of the 12 for full credit.  Some of the topics will be covered early in the summer, others not until the end.

ASK FOR HELP from your lecturer or t.a. if you are having trouble.


For each topic below, turn in the following:

1. The article or a copy of the article.

2. A reference showing where you found the article.  (Include the name of the publication, the date, and the page number.  If you found the article on the web, include the URL.)

3. The requested explanation or calculation; highlight (or circle) any areas in the article used to answer the question(s).

You must use a different article for each topic.  Arrange the articles in the order listed below and label each one.  Staple them all together or put them in a folder.  Highlight the relevant passages of each article.  Neatness and presentation will count toward your grade.

Please note that the articles must be news stories—they cannot be course materials designed to teach statistical methods.  Try to be original.  We will not look kindly on 30 people turning in the same articles for each topic.

This project is due on July 23rd.  Turn your project in to your class instructor in class.  No late projects will be accepted.

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