Perdisco online homework,


Instructions for setting up and using Perdisco online homework


One-page instructions for using Perdisco to do your homework



Lab data sets:

age.sav  (.xls)                   beetles.sav  (.xls)                 cigarettes.sav  (.xls)

cuckoo.sav  (.xls)            Elasticity.sav  (.xls)            golf.sav (.xls)

Hanford.sav  (.xls)      Horseracing.sav  (.xls)   hospital.sav  (.xls)      

IQ.sav (.xls)     lifesat.sav (.xls)    medals.sav  (.xls)     mercury.sav  (.xls)

moon.sav  (.xls)      moth.sav (.xls)     Perdisco1.txt        Perdisco2.txt          

phosphorus.sav  (.xls)    SAT.sav  (.xls)        SATmath.sav  (.xls)        

sleep.sav  (.xls)                   StudyGPA.sav  (.xls)     tornado.sav   (.xls)           

turbine.sav (.xls)         words.sav  (.xls)             


Instructions for opening an .xls file in SPSS:


1. Save data to your desktop. 

2. Open SPSS.

3. File -> Open -> Data.  Choose Excel (.xls) for your type of data.

4. Click on your .xls data on your desktop.  Hit Open, then Continue.


Opening .txt files from Perdisco in SPSS:

1. Save the file to your desktop.

2. Open SPSS, but get rid of the box that pops up asking you how you want to enter data.

3. On the pull-down menu for File, select Open—> Data.  Choose .txt for your type of data.  Click on your .txt data on your desktop.  Hit “Open.”

4. Click “next” one time, and then click on the radio button that says “delimited” because your data set has the data separated by commas.  Click “next.”  Click “next” again.  Tell it that the commas separate out the variables.  Click “next.”  Change your variable name to X and click “next.”  Click “finish.”  Now you are ready to work with the data to get your statistics.

5. If you are working with 2-sample comparison of means or one-way ANOVA data, you may have to copy and paste to get the data into the right format, but that’s still easier than typing it all in by hand.


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