Administrative details:  To receive Honors credit for STAT 301, a student must submit an honors contract to the Honors Program or their College of major within the first week of classes.  Any questions should be e-mailed to Christa Sorola


Honors work you will do:  In addition to completing the non-honors coursework in STAT 301, you will need to successfully complete 3 extensions projects selected from the list below.  All projects must be submitted to Christa Sorola.  Turning in projects early is perfectly fine.


None of these projects should be attempted at the last minute!  Start early and work steadily.


Project #1 due by Friday 6/22 at noon:


· Complete the CITI Ethics in Research online training required for Purdue researchers for either “Biomedical Human Research Modules” or “Social and Behavioral Sciences Basic Course,” whichever sounds more relevant to your future career.  Register as a new member, and be sure to list Purdue as your institution.  This may take about 10 hours, but it can be done in pieces.  Deliverable:  certificate of completion printed at the end of the training.


· E-mail Christa to let her know which Project #3 you will choose.


Project #2 due by Wednesday 7/18 at noon:


· Participation in an on-campus experiment advertised in the Exponent, on a campus bulletin board, or on a website.  Deliverables:  a copy of the original advertisement (can be hand-copied),  signature of the researcher, and a completed questionnaire about your experience.


Project #3 due by Wednesday 7/25 at noon (CHOOSE ONE):


· Designed experiment.  Perform your own designed experiment with statistical analysis and 3- 5 page written report.  Deliverables:  Project proposal, weekly e-mails updating Christa on your progress, data, data analysis using SPSS, final report.

· Lesson plans.  Plan 5 hands-on, original, exciting introductory statistics/probability lessons, 20-30 minutes each, suitable for 3rd-6th graders.  Your ideas should be original, but you should reference any sources you use for your ideas. Deliverables:  Lesson plans including a full script (teacher and student point of view) and references, delivered in written format and discussed with Christa. 









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