Dr. Hyonho Chun

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, Purdue University, 2018-
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Boston University , 2018-

Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, Purdue University, 2016-2017
BrainPool Visiting Professor, Mathematical Sciences, KAIST, 2016
Assistant Professor, Statistics, Purdue University, 2010-2016
Postdoctoral Associate, Epidemiology and Public Health, Yale University, 2009- 2010
Ph. D. Statistics, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 2008
M. S. Statistics, Seoul National University, 2002
B. S. Earth Science Education, Seoul National University, 2000


We recently moved to Boston University.
Email: chunh@purdue.edu
or chunh@bu.edu

Research Interests:

Network inference and covariance estimation for high dimensional data.
Statistical genomics.
Computer model calibration and statistical quality control.
Statistical theory and methods for correlated high dimensional low sample size data.
Nonparametric function estimation and machine learning.

Research Assistants:


Qingyi Gao (Ph. D. Student at Department of Statistics)


Tim Keaton (Ph. D. Student at Depratment of Statistics)
Ji Hwan Oh (Ph. D., Department of Statistics)
Seokhun Bang (M. S., Department of Industrial Engineering)
Andres Nocolas Lopez (B. S. )


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[21] J. Cai, Q.Gao, H. Cai, H. Chun and T. Nantung, Optimal Sampling Strategy For Acceptance Decision in Highway Construction: A Cost-Benefit Analysis Approach. (Submitted).


''Collaborative Research: Semiparametric Conditional Graphical Models with Applications to Gene Network Analysis" (PI: Hyonho Chun), National Science Foundation (NSF). Project Period: 2011-2014.


Fall 2017 Applied Multivariate Analysis (STAT524)
Fall 2017 Statistical Theory (STAT417)

Spring 2017 Statistical methods (STAT511)

Spring 2016 Statistical theory (STAT417)
Fall 2015 Introduction to mathematical statistics (STAT528)

Spring 2015 Probability (STAT416)
Fall 2014 Introduction to mathematical statstics (STAT528)

Spring 2014 Introduction to mathematical statstics (STAT528)
Spring 2014 Statistical methods for biology (STAT503)
Fall 2013 Statistcal methods for biology (STAT503)

Spring 2013 Introduction to mathematical statistics (STAT528)
Fall 2012 Statistcal methods for biology (STAT503)

Spring 2012 Statistcal methods for biology (STAT503)
Fall 2011 Statistical methods for biology (STAT503)

Spring 2011 Statistical methods for high-throughput biological data (STAT598R)
Fall 2010 Statistcal methods for biology (STAT503)