Selected Publications and Talk Slides

Manuscripts patiently awaiting publication :-)

Selected Publications

Talk Slides

  • T1. Bootstrapping High Dimensional Vector: Interplay between Dependence and Dimensionality. Link (presented by my co-author Zhang at SAMSI workshop)
  • T2. Nonparametric Inference in Functional Data. Link (presented by my co-author Shang at SAMSI workshop)
  • T3. Nearest Neighbor Classifier with Optimal Stability. Link (presented by my PhD student Sun at ISBIS 2014 and SLDM Meeting)
  • T4. A Long March towards Joint Asymptotics: My 1st Steps…. Link
  • T5. Semiparametric Model Based Bootstrap. Link
  • T6. Bootstrap Consistency for General Semiparametric M-Estimate. Link
  • T7.How Many Iterations are Sufficient for Semiparametric Estimation? Link
  • T8. Inverse Problems in Semiparametric Statistical Models. Link