Statistics 511 Summer 2017

Statistical Methods

Instructor: Dr. Piyas Chakraborty
Office: MATH 520
Classes: MTWThF 1pm-2pm REC 308
Mailbox: MATH 533

REQUIRED: STAT 511 only needs a calculator.

Students are expected to attend each class. There are credits for attendance.

Final exam covers Chapters 4 (sections 1,2,3, Exponential and Lognormal distributions), 5 (sections 1,2,4,5), 6 (section 1 and the method of moments), 7 (sections 1,2), 8 (sections 1,2) from the ninth edition.
Basic concepts and formulas from chapters 2 and 3 will be required. Please bring at most TWO pages (A4 size) of handwritten formula sheets (both front and back) and a basic (non-programmable/non-graphing) calculator. Cell phones cannot be used as calculators in the exam.
Here is a Practice Exam and its Solution.

Here is a solution to the last two quizzes.




Lecture Notes are posted 1-2 days after each lecture

Lecture Notes

PPT has the key formulas and theorems from each chapter.


Appendix Tables from the book can be used to solve hw problems.

  • Tables (A.1 and A.2) of Cumulative Binomial and Poisson Probabilities
  • Table A.3 of Standard Normal Curve Areas
  • Table A.5 of Critical Values for t Distributions
  • Table A.8 of t Curve Tail Areas