PhD Candidate, Purdue University, Department of Statistics

Research Technician, Northeastern University, College of Science

Northeastern Office: WVH 310G (where I'm currently located)

Purdue Office: MATH 509

aharry at purdue dot edu

Current Research and Activities

My research interests involve developing statistical methods for mass spectrometry imaging. In particular, I am attempting to improve the identification of differentially abundant ions across sample conditions using models that take into account the complex error structures often found in this type of data. I am also interested in the computational issues that arise from implementation of such methods on large datasets. Thus, my research touches many areas--from bioinformatics to spatial statistics. I am advised by Prof. Olga Vitek. I am currently working on my dissertation research as a Research Technician in the College of Science at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. I expect to graduate December 2017.

Here is my CV.

I am passionate about helping to increase access, success, and visibility of underrepresented minorities in STEM, particularly in the mathematical sciences. I am also an advisor for Statistics in the Community (StatCom) at Purdue, a student-run organization that provides free statistical consulting to local non-profits, schools, and governmental agencies.


PhD in Statistics, Purdue University (In Progress)
MS in Applied Statistics, Purdue University (2012)
BS in Mathematics, Xavier University of Louisiana (2010)


Harry, April; Bemis, Kylie; Guo, Dan; Thomas, Mathew; Lanekoff, Ingela; Stenzel-Poore, Mary; Stevens, Susan; Laskin, Julia; Vitek, Olga. Statistical detection of differentially abundant ions in mass spectrometry-based imaging experiments with complex designs. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry. Under review.

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Kaufman, J; Lessler, J; Harry, A; Edlund, S; Hu, K; et al. (2014) A Likelihood-Based Approach to Identifying Contaminated Food Products Using Sales Data: Performance and Challenges. PLoS Comput Biol 10(7): e1003692.

Harry April J, Kent Candace M, Kocic Vlajko L. (2012) Global behavior of solutions of a periodically forced Sigmoid Beverton-Holt model. J Biol Dyn 6(2): pp. 212-234.

Updated 11 May 2016