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Congratulations 2010-2011 Graduates!

Pictured left to right: Rebecca W. Doerge
and Tilman Achberger
Congratulations to December 2011 Ph.D. graduate, Tilman Achberger, on his achievement.

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  • Bremer and Doerge Author Statistics at the Bench: A Step-by-Step Handbook for Biologists

    Statistics at the Bench Cover
    Martina Bremer, Purdue Statistics Ph.D. (2006) and Assistant Professor of Mathematics, San José State University, and Rebecca W. Doerge, Professor of Statistics, Professor of Agronomy, Associate Head of Statistics, and Director of Statistical Bioinformatics Center have authored Statistics at the Bench: A Step-by-Step Handbook for Biologists. The book is not a textbook but rather a convenient benchside companion for biologists, designed as a handy reference guide for elementary and intermediate statistical analyses. The book is currently in press and is due out in December 2009. Click here for more information about the handbook from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press