2013 Technical Reports

13-01.  Z. Shang, G. Cheng.  Local and Global Asymptotic Inferences for the Smoothing Spline Estimate.  Read Full Report

13-02.  Y. Lin, M. Zhang, D. Zhang.  Generalized Orthogonal Components Regression for High Dimensional Generalized Linear Models.  Read Full Report

13-03.  D. Baumann, R. W. Doerge.  Robust Adjustment of Sequence Tag Abundance.  Read Full Report

13-04.  S. Srivastava, R. W. Doerge.  Latent Process Decomposition Of High-Dimensional Count Data.  Read Full Report

13-05.  V. Pungpapong, M. Zhang, D. Zhang.  An Iterated Conditional Modes/Medians Algorithm for Empirical Bayes Selection of Massive Variables.  Read Full Report