2011 Technical Reports

11-01.   D. Lunga, S. Kirshner.  Generating Similar Graphs From Spherical Features.  Read Full Report

11-02.   A. Rau, F. Jaffrézic, J.-L. Foulley, R. W. Doerge.  Reverse Engineering Gene Regulatory Networks Using Approximate Bayesian Computation.   Read Full Report

11-03.   S. Srivastava, R.W. Doerge.  Latent Process Decomposition of High-Dimensional Count Data. [replaced by 13-04]   Read Full Report

11-04.   J. E. Figueroa-López, M. Levine.  Nonparametric Estimation of Volatility Models with General Autoregressive Innovations.   Read Full Report