2008 Technical Reports

08-01.  M. Zhang, D. Zhang, M.T. Wells.  Generalized Shrinkage Estimators Adaptive to Sparsity and Asymmetry of High Dimensional Parameter Spaces.  Read Full Report

08-02.   M. Levine, T.J. Li.  Joint Significance Testing of the Functional Components in the Nonlinear ARCH Model.  Read Full Report

08-03.   M. Levine, G.E. Moore.  A Novel Binary Time Series Model of the Gastric Dilation-Volvulus.   Read Full Report

08-04.  J. Dillon, G. Lebanon.  Statistical and Computational Tradeoffs in Stochastic Composite Likelihood.   Read Full Report

08-05.  J. Zhang, X. J. Jeng, H. Liu.  Some Two-Step Procedures for Variable Selection in High-Dimensional Linear Regression.  Read Full Report

08-06.  R. Martin, S. Tokdar. Kullback-Leibler  Projections, Estimation of Mixing Distributions and Applications.  Read Full Report

08-07.  Withdrawn  

08-08.  X.J. Jeng, P.A. Mykland.  A Shape Restricted Nonparametric Method with Financial Application.   Read Full Report

08-09.  D. Zhang, Y. Lin, M. Zhang.  Penalized Orthogonal-Components Regression for Large p Small n Data.   Read Full Report