2007 Technical Reports

07-01.  E. Greenstein, J. Park, G. Lebanon.  Regularization Through Variable Selection and Condition MLE with Application to Classification in High Dimensions.  Read Full Report

07-02.  M. Levine, S. Torres, F. Viens.  Consistent Estimators for the Long-Memory Parameter in LARCH and Fractional Brownian Models.  Read Full Report

07-03.  Pulled by author 

07-04.  W. Tsai, A. DasGupta.  Statistical Analysis of Dynamic Spatial Competition.   Read Full Report

07-05.  M. Bogdan, P. Biecek, F. Frommlet, R. Cheng, J.K. Ghosh, R.W. Doerge.  Extending the Modified Bayesian Information Criterion (mBIC) to Dense Markers and Multiple Internal Mapping.  Read Full Report

07-06.  H. Jiang, R.W. Doerge.  Estimating the Proportion of True Null Hypotheses of Multiple Comparisons.   Read Full Report

07-07.  L. Liu, M. Levine, Y. Zhu.  A Functional EM Algorithm for Mixing Density Estimation via Nonparametric Penalized Likelihood Maximization.  Read Full Report

07-08.  M. Levine, J. Li.  Local Instrumental Variable (LIVE) Method for the Generalized Additive-Interactive Nonlinear Violatility Model.   Read Full Report

07-09.  G. Lebanon, Y. Mao.  Non-Parametric Modeling of Partially Ranked Data.   Read Full Report

07-10.  G. Lebanon, Y. Zhao.  Local Likelihood Modeling of the Concept Drift Phenomenon.  Read Full Report

07-11.  J. Li, C. Liu, J. Zhang.  Robust Factor Analysis Using the Multivariate t-Distribution.   Read Full Report

07-12.  C. Liu.  The Dempster-Shafer Theory for Single Parameter Univariate Distributions.  Read Full Report

07-13.  C. Liu, J. Zhang.  The Minimal Belief Principle: A New Method for Parametric Inference.   Read Full Report

07-14.  Z.J. Daye and X.J. Jeng.  Shrinkage and Model Selection with Correlated Variables via Weighted Fusion.  Read Full Report