2006 Technical Reports

06-01.  A. Vizcarra, F. Viens.  Some Applications of the Malliavin Calculus to Sub-Gaussian and non-sub-Gaussian randon fields.  Read Full Report

06-02.  A. DasGupta, J. Zidek.  The Titius-Bode Rule and the Neptune Hole: Some New Investigations.  

06-03.   Pulled by author. 

06-04.  Pulled by author. 

06-05.  A. DasGupta.  A Suprisingly Accurate New Formula for Estimating the Primes and Accuracy Tests.  Read Full Report

06-06.  A. DasGupta.  The Roots of Polynomials with Prime Coefficients.  Read Full Report

06-07.  L. D. Brown, M. Levine.  Variance Estimation in Nonparametric Regression via the Difference Sequence Method.   Read Full Report

06-08.  L. Wang, L.D. Brown, T. Cai, M. Levine.  Effect of Mean on Variance Function Estimation in Nonparametric Regression.   Read Full Report

06-09.  T. Cai, M. Levine, L. Wang.  Variance Function Estimation in Multivariate Nonparametric.   Read Full Report