2005 Technical Reports

05-01.  I. Florescu.  Queuing Processes.   Read Full Report

05-02.  I. Florescu.  Pricing The Implied Volatility Surface.   Read Full Report

05-03.   C. A. Tudor, F. Viens.  ITO Formula for the Two-parameter Fractional Brownian Motion Using The Extended Divergence Operator.  Read Full Report

05-04.  J. Ghosh.  Role of Randomization in Bayesian Analysis - An Expository Overview.   Read Full Report

05-05.  M. Levine.  Bandwidth Selection for a Class of Difference-Based Variance Estimators in the Nonparametric Regression: A Possible Approach.   Read Full Report

05-06.  M. Kantarcioglu, B. Xi, C. Clifton.  A Game Theoretic Approach to Adversarial Learning.   Read Full Report