2001 Technical Reports

01-01.  B. Davis.  On Time Changing Continuous Martingales to Brownian Motion.  Read Full Report

01-02.   A. Dasgupta.  Theoretical Model for Other Civilizations in the Galaxy and the Likely Isolation of Homo Sapiens.   Read Full Report

01-03.   S. S. Gupta, J. Li.  Monotone Empirical Bayes Tests Based on Kernel Sequence Estimation.  Read Full Report

01-04.  S. S. Gupta, J. Li.  Optimal Rate of Convergence of Monotone Empirical Bayes Tests for a Normal Mean.   Read Full Report

01-05.  E. Chicken.  Block Thresholding and Wavelet Estimation for Nonequispaced Samples.  Read Full Report

01-06.  C. F. J. Wu, Y. Zhu.  Optimal Selection of Single Arrays for Parameter Design Experiments.   Read Full Report

01-07.  Y. Zhu.  Structure Function for Aliasing Patterns in 21-n Design with Multiple Groups of Factors.  Read Full Report

01-08.  S. M. Samuels.  Why Do These Quite Different Best-Choice Problems Have the Same Solutions? Published in Advances in Applied Probability, Vol. 36, pp. 398-416, 2004.  

01-09.  A. DasGupta.  A Conversation with Larry Brown.  Read Full Report

01-10.  S. S. Gupta, J. Li.  On Empirical Bayes Procedures for Selecting Good Populations in Positive Exponential Family.   Read Full Report

01-11.  S. S. Gupta, J. Li.  Empirical Bayes Estimation with Kernel Sequence Method.   Read Full Report

01-12.  E. Chicken.  Density Estimation in Besov Spaces vie Block Thresholding.   Read Full Report

01-13.  A. Dasgupta, H. Rubin, A. Bose.  A Contemporary Review and Bibliography of Infinitely Diverse Distributions.  Read Full Report