2000 Technical Reports

00-01.  L. D. Brown, T. Cai, A. DasGupta.  Interval Estimation in Discrete Exponential Family.  Read Full Report

00-02.   S. Chatterjee, A. Bose.  Generalised Bootstrap for Estimating Equations.   Read Full Report

00-03.   A. Bose.  A Boundary Crossing Problem with Application to Sequential Estimation.   Read Full Report

00-04.  L. D. Brown, A. DasGupta, L.R. Haff, W. E. Strawderman.  Two Expectation Identities and Some Connections.   Read Full Report

00-05C.  S. S. Gupta, J. Li.  Monotone Empirical Bayes Tests with Optimal Rate of Convergence for a Truncation Parameter.  Read Full Report

00-06C.  S. S. Gupta, X. Lin.  On Selecting the Strongest Linear Relationship Between a Response Variable and an Explanatory Aariable in Measurement.  Read Full Report

00-07.  S. S. Gupta, J. Li.  Optimal Rate of Empirical Bayes tests for Lower Truncation of Parameters.  Read Full Report

00-08.  B.C. Johnson, J. Deely.  Sampling Allocation methods for stratified Poisson Processes: A Bayesian Approach. Published in Survey Methodology, Vol. 29, No. 1, pp. 91-97, Statistics Canada, June 2003.  

00-09.  T. Sellke.  Yet Another Proof of the Radon-Nikodym Theorem.  Read Full Report

00-10.  Pulled by author.