1998 Technical Reports

98-01. C. Zang, A. DasGupta. Bayesian Inference Under Long-Range Dependence: Damage, Detection, Computation, Asymptotics. Read Full Report

98-02. A. DasGupta. On a Differential Equation and One Step Recursion for Poisson Moments. Read Full Report

98-03C. S. S. Gupta, Z. Lin, X. Lin. Empirical Bayes Selection Procedures for Selecting the Best Logistic Population Compared with a Control.

98-04. G. Casella, A. DasGupta, M. Delampady, H. Rubin, W. E. Strawderman. Correlation in a Formal Bayes Framework. Read Full Report

98-05. H. Föllmer, P. Protter. On Itô's Formula for d-Dimensional Brownian Motion. Read Full Report

98-06. H. Dette, N. Neumeyer. A Note on a Specification Test of Independence. Read Full Report

98-07. T. Cai. Adaptive Wavelet Estimation: A Block Thresholding and Oracle Inequality Approach. Read Full Report

98-08C. S. S. Gupta, F. Liese. Asymptotic Distribution of the Random Regret Risk for Selecting Exponential Populations. Read Full Report

98-09. P. Protter. A Book Review of Seven Recently Published Books On Probabilistic Finance Theory (To Appear in SIAM Review). Read Full Report

98-10. Pulled by author.

98-11. B. A. Craig, D. G. Fryback, R. Klein, B. E. K. Klein. Modeling the Natural History of Younger-Onset Insulin-Dependent Diabetic Retinopathy. Read Full Report

98-12. B. A. Craig, P. P. Sendi. Estimating the Transition Matrix of a Homogeneous Markov Chain. Read Full Report

98-13. T. Cai, B. W. Silverman. Incorporating Information on Neighboring Coefficients into Wavelet Estimation. Read Full Report

98-14. Technical Report was pulled per author.

98-15. D. Nettleton, R. W. Doerge. Accounting for Variability in the Use of Permutation Testing to Detect Quantitative Trait Loci. Read Full Report

98-16. F. Liese. Asymptotic Distribution of The Random Regret Risk of The Gupta-Liang Rule for Selecting Good Gamma Distributions. Read Full Report

98-17. P. D. Moral, J. Jacod, P. Protter. The Monte-Carlo Method for Filtering with Discrete-Time Observations. Read Full Report

98-18. S. S. Gupta, K. J. Mieske. On the Performance of Subset Selection Procedures Under Normality. Read Full Report

98-19. This number was not used.

98-20. A. DasGupta. Best Constants in Chebyshev Inequalities with Various Applications. Read Full Report

98-21. R. W. Doerge, B. A. Craig. Model Selection for Quantitative Trait Locus Analysis in Polyploids. Read Full Report

98-22. J. Jacod, S. Méléard, P. Protter. Explicit Form and Robustness of Martingale Representations. Read Full Report