1997 Technical Reports

97-01. J. Deely, W. Johnson. Normal Means Revisited. Read Full Report

97-02. R. W. Doerge, Z-B Zeng, B. S. Weir. Statistical Issues in the Search for Genes Affecting Quantitative Traits in Experimental Populations. Read Full Report

97-03C. S. S. Gupta, S. He. Selecting the Best Weibull Population Based on Type-I Censored Data: A Bayesian Approach. Read Full Report

97-04. S. P. Lalley. Growth Profile and Invariant Measures for the Weakly Sypercritical Contact Process on a Homogeneous Tree. Read Full Report

97-05. T. Cai. On Adaptivity of BlockShrink Wavelet Estimator Over Besov Spaces. Read Full Report

97-06. T. Cai, L. D. Brown. Wavelet Shrinkage for Nonequispaced Samples. Read Full Report

97-07. P. Protter, M. Dritschel. Complete Markets with Discontinuous Security Price. Read Full Report

97-08. Y. Lim, J. Sacks, W. J. Studden, W. Welch. Designs and Analysis of Computer Experiments when the Output is Highly Correlated Over the Input Space. Read Full Report

97-09C. T.-C. Liang, S. S. Gupta. Selecting the Most Reliable Poisson Population Provided it is Better than a Control: A Nonparametric Empirical Bayes Approach. Read Full Report

97-10. A. DasGupta. A Peculiar Exact Connection Between the Brownian Motion and the Simple Random Walk. Read Full Report

97-11. A. DasGupta. Some Results on the Curse of Dimensionality and Sample Size Recommendations. Read Full Report

97-12C. K. Miescke. Bayes Sampling Designs for Selection Procedures. Read Full Report

97-13. R. W. Doerge, W. S. Sobral. Assessing Genetic Diversity in Germplasm Collections Using Molecular Markers. Read Full Report

97-14. S. P. Lalley. Beneath the Noise, Chaos. Read Full Report

97-15. L. D. Brown, T. Cai. Wavelet Regression for Random Uniform Design. Read Full Report

97-16C. S. S. Gupta, T.-C. Liang, X. Lin. Empirical Bayes Two-Stage Selection Procdures for Selecting the Best Bernoulli Treatment Using the Inverse Sampling. Read Full Report

97-17. B. Davis. Brownian Motion and Random Walk Perturbed at Extrema. Read Full Report

97-18C. S. S. Gupta, X. Lin. A Selection Problem in Measurement Error Models. Read Full Report

97-19. L. Zhengyan. The Berry-Esseen Bound for Studentized U-Statistics. Read Full Report

97-20. L. Zhengyuan. On the Increments of l Valued Gaussian Processes. Read Full Report

97-21. A. DasGupta. On the Determinacy of Powers, Products and Convolutions. Read Full Report

97-22. A. DasGupta, B. Sinha. A New General Interpretation of the Stein Estimate and How it Adapts: With Applications. Read Full Report

97-23. A. DasGupta, H. Rubin. Zero Crossings of a Gaussian Process Observed at Discrete Random Times and Some Peculiar Connectionns to the Simple Random Walk. Read Full Report

[Replaces #96-6]

97-24. A. DasGupta. Some Consequences of a Peculiar Combinatorial Identity. Read Full Report

97-25. M.-M. Zen, A. DasGupta. Bayesian Design for Clinical Trials with a Constraint on the Total Available Dose. Read Full Report