1996 Technical Reports

96-1. Pulled by author.

96-2. A. Bose. Bahadur Representation of M Estimates Based on V Functionals. Read Full Report

96-3. M. Gasparini, P. Ma. The Multivariate Fermi-Dirac Distribution and Its Statistical Applications. Read Full Report

96-4. A. Bose. A Glivenko-Cantelli Theorem and Strong Laws for L-Statistics. Read Full Report

96-5. A. Bose. A Note on the Marcinkiewicz Zygmund Strong Law. Read Full Report

96-6. A. DasGupta. Brownian Paths Observed at Discrete Random Times and Connections to the Simple Random Walk. [Replaced by #97-23.]

96-7C. J. O. Berger, B. Liseo, R. L. Wolpert. Integrated Likelihood Methods for Eliminating Nuisance Parameters. Read Full Report

96-8. A. DasGupta. Distinguishing a Brownian Bridge from a Brownian Motion with Drift. Read Full Report

96-9C. J. O. Berger. Bayes Factors. Read Full Report

96-10C. J. O. Berger, A. Philippe, C. Robert. Estimation of Quadratic Functions: Noninformative Priors for Non-Centrality Parameters. Read Full Report

96-11. A. Bose, N. K. Neerchal. Estimation of Variance from Ranked Set Samples. Read Full Report

96-12. A. Bose, D. Kushary. Jackknife and Weighted Jackknife Estimates of the Variance of M-Estimators in Linear Regression. Read Full Report

96-13. K. Iwaki. Posterior Expected Marginal Likelihood for Testing Hypotheses. Read Full Report

96-14. J. Berger. Some Recent Developments in Bayesian Analysis, with Astronomical Illustrations. Read Full Report

96-15. T. G. Kurtz, P. E. Protter. Weak Convergence of Stochastic Integrals and Differential Equations I. Read Full Report

96-16. T. G. Kurtz, P. E. Protter. Weak Convergence of Stochastic Integrals and Differential Equations II: Infinite Dimensional Case. Read Full Report

96-17. T-C. Liang. Empirical Bayes Two-Tail Tests in a Discrete Exponential Family. Read Full Report

96-18C. S. S. Gupta, T-C. Liang. Selecting Good Exponential Populations Compared with a Control: A Nonparametric Empirical Bayes Approach. Read Full Report

96-19. L. Chen, Y. Zhang. Large Sample Properties of a Series Estimations of Cross-Validation in Linear Regression Models. Read Full Report

96-20. N. D. Shyamalkumar. Estimation of a Survival Function in a Sub-Class of a Uniformly Stochastically Dominated Family. Read Full Report

96-21. N. D. Shyamalkumar. Partial Posterior Consistency using Dirichlet Priors in Estimation of Survival Function. Read Full Report

96-22. N. D. Shyamalkumar. Bayesian Robustness with Asymptotically Nice Classes of Priors. Read Full Report

96-23. N. D. Shyamalkumar. Bayesian Robustness with Respect to the Likelihood. Read Full Report

96-24. N. D. Shyamalkumar. Cyclic I0 Projections and Its Applications to Statistics. Read Full Report

96-25C. S. S. Gupta, T-C. Liang. On Empirical Bayes Simultaneous Selection Procedures for Comparing Normal Populations with a Standard. Read Full Report

96-26. A. Kleyner, S. Bhagath, M. Gasparini, J. Robinson, M. Bender. Bayesian Techniques to Reduce the Sample Size in Automotive Electronics Attribute Testing. Read Full Report

96-27. A. DasGupta, L. R. Haff, W. E. Strawderman. The Heat Equation, Stein's Lemma and an Expectation Identity: With Applications. Read Full Report

96-28. Pulled by author.

96-29. This number was not used.

96-30. A. DasGupta, W. Strawderman. Correlation Between a Parameter and an Estimate: Facts, Formulae, Examples. Read Full Report

96-31C. T. C. Liang. On Empirical Bayes Two-Stage Test in a Discrete Exponential Family. Read Full Report

96-32. S. P. Lalley. Percolation on Fuchsian Groups. Read Full Report

96-33. D. S. Moore. Bayes for Beginners? Some Reasons to Hesitate. Read Full Report

Published in The American Statistician, Vol. 51, pp. 254-261 and 272-274, 1997.

96-34C. K. Iwaki. Noninformative Prior for Model Selection. Read Full Report

96-35. G. P. McCabe. Analysis of a class of nonlinear regression models with correlated and uncorrelated errors. (Paper was withdrawn)

96-36. J. Jacod, P. Protter. Asymptotic Error Distributions for the Euler Method for stochastic Differential Equations. Read Full Report

96-37. D. S. Moore. New Pedagogy and New Content: The Case of Statistics. Read Full Report

Published in International Statistical Review, Vol. 65, pp. 123-165, 1997.

96-38. B. Davis. Distribution of Brownium Local Time on Curves. Read Full Report

96-39. W. Wang, A. Dasgupta, J. T. G. Hwang. Statistical Tests for Multivariate Bioequivalence. Read Full Report

96-40. A. Dasgupta.Asymptotic Relative Efficiency. Read Full Report

96-41. T. Cai. Minimax Wavelet Estimation Via Block Thresholding. Read Full Report

96-42. S. P. Lalley, T. Sellke. Limit Set of a Weekly Supercritical Contact Process on a Homogeneous Tree. Read Full Report