1994 Technical Reports

94-1C. S. S. Gupta, L.-Y. Leu, T. C. Liang. Simultaneous Selection for Homogeneous Multinomial Populations Based on Entropy Function:  An Empirical Bayes Approach. Read Full Report

94-2. H. S. Oh, A. DasGupta. Comparison of the P-value and Posterior Probability of a Sharp Null Hypothesis. Read Full Report

94-3. A. DasGupta. Discussion of "An Overview of Robust Bayesian Analysis" by James Berger. Self Contained:   Original Discussion Not Included. Read Full Report

94-4. W.-L. Loh. A Combinatorial Central Limit Theorem for Randomized Orthogonal Array Sampling Designs. Read Full Report

94-5. D. N. Politis. Bias-Corrected Nonparametric Spectral Estimation II. Read Full Report

94-6. M. Gasparini. Exact Multivariate Bayesian Bootstrap Distributions of Moments. Read Full Report

94-7. A. Kohatsu, P. Protter. The Euler Scheme for SDE's Driven by Semimartingale. Read Full Report

94-8. X. Tang. Effect of Dimension in Multivariate Deconvolution Problems. Read Full Report

94-9C. T. Gastaldi, S. S. Gupta. Minimax Type Procedures for Nonparametric Selection of the "Best" Population with Partially Classified Data. Read Full Report

94-10C. J. O. Berger, L. R. Pericchi. The Intrinsic Bayes Factor for Linear Models. Read Full Report

94-11. H. Rubin, K. S. Song. Exact Computation of the Asymptotic Efficiency of Maximum Likelihood Estimators of a Discontinuous Signal in a Gaussian White Noise. Read Full Report

94-12C. S. S. Gupta, T. Gastaldi. On Some Search Strategies in Reliability Estimation under Random Censorship Models. Read Full Report

94-13. S. P. Lalley. Riffle Shuffles and Dynamical Systems on the Unit Interval. Read Full Report

94-14. D. N. Politis, J. P. Romano. On Flat-top Kernel Spectral Density Estimators for Homogeneous Random Fields. Read Full Report

94-15. J. Dmochowski. Intrinsic Priors Via Kuelback-Leibler Geometry. Read Full Report

94-16. A. DasGupta. An Examination of Bayesian Methods and Inference: In Search of the Truth. Read Full Report

94-17. T. Sellke. A Generalized Gauss-Chebyshev Inequalities for Unimodal Distributions. Read Full Report

94-18C. S. Gupta, T. C. Liang. Selecting Good Normal Regression Models: An Empirical Bayes Approach. Read Full Report

94-19C. A. DasGupta, B. Vidakovic. Sample Size Problems in ANOVA: Bayesian Point of View. Read Full Report

94-20. S. M. Samuels. Sufficiently Noninformative Priors for the Secretary Problem; the Case: n=3. Read Full Report

94-21C. J. O. Berger, G. Salinetti. Approximations of Bayes Decision Problems: the Epigraphical Approach. Read Full Report

94-22. B. Davis. Path Convergence of Random Walk Partly Reflected at Extrema. Read Full Report

94-23C. G. S. Datta, J. K. Ghosh. Probability Matching Equation for a Parametric Function. Read Full Report

94-24C. G.S. Datta, J.K. Ghosh. Noninformative Priors for Invariant Parameter in group Models. Read Full Report

94-25C. Y. Wang, J. O. Berger, B. Boukai. Unified Frequentist and Bayesian Testing of a Precise Hypothesis. Read Full Report

94-26. T. Sellke. Reinforced Random Walk on the d-dimensional Integer Lattice. Read Full Report

94-27. H. Dette, J. Pittman, W. J. Studden. A new duality relation for random walks. Read Full Report

94-28. W. -L. Loh. Estimating the Integral of a Squared Regression Function with Latin Hypercube Sampling. Read Full Report

94-29. S. P. Lalley. Cycle Structure of Riffle Shuffles. Read Full Report

94-30. S. S. Gupta, K.J. Miescke. Bayesian Look Ahead One-Stage Sampling Allocations for Selection of the Best Population. Read Full Report

94-31. M. J. Bayarri, B. Font. Bayesian Analysis of "Random Routes". Read Full Report

94-32. M. J. Bayarri, B. Font. A (Bayesian) Note on Non-Random Samples from Finite Population. Read Full Report

94-33. C. A. O'Cinneide, P. Protter. An Elementary Approach to Naturality, Predictability, and the Fundamental Theorem of Local Martingales. Read Full Report

94-34. H. Föllmer, P. Protter, and A. N. Shiryaeu. Quadratic Covariation and an Extension of Itô's Formula. Read Full Report

94-35C. D. Ríos Insua, J. Martín. On the Foundations of Robust Bayesian Statistics. Read Full Report