1985 Technical Reports

85-1. H. Rubin, T. Sellke. On the Distributions of Sums of Symmetric Random Variables and Vectors. Read Full Report

85-2. A. Rukhin. Quadratic Estimators of Quadratic Functions of Normal Parameters. Read Full Report

85-3. P. Protter. Semimartingales and Measure Preserving Flows. Read Full Report

85-4. L. J. Gleser, R. J. Carroll, P. P. Gallo. The Limiting Distribution of Least Squares In An Errors-In-Variables Linear Regression Model. Read Full Report

85-5. P. Protter. A Book Review of: Introduction to Stochastic Integration, by K. L. Chung and R. J. Williams; Stochastic Calculus and Applications, by R. J. Elliott; Semimartingales: A Course on Stochastic Processes, by M. Metivier. Read Full Report

85-6. J. F. Angers, J. Berger. The Stein effect and Bayesian analysis: a reexamination. Read Full Report

85-7. T. S. Salisbury. Three Problems from the Theory of Right Processes. Read Full Report

85-8. R. Becker, K. C. S. Pillai. A Computer Program for Tests of Equality of Covariance Matrices. Read Full Report

85-9. L. J. Gleser. Assessing Familiality of Cognitive Ability. Read Full Report

85-10. T. Matsui. A Rating System and Its Applications to Ranking and Selection. Read Full Report

85-11. S. S. Gupta. A Short Bibliography of Recent Developments in Selection and Ranking Procedures. Read Full Report

85-12. Y. B. Lim, W. J. Studden, H. P. Wynn. A Note on Approximate D-Optimal Design for G x 2k. Read Full Report

85-13. J. Berger, A. Das Gupta. Estimation of Multiple Gamma Scale-Parameters: Bayes Estimation Subject to Uniform Domination. Read Full Report

85-14. S. Samuels, B. Chotlos. A Multiple Criteria Optimal Selection Problem. Published in Adaptive Statistical Procedures and Related Topics, IMS Monograph Series, Vol. 8, pp. 62-78, 1986.

85-15. L. Gleser, J. T. Hwang. The Nonexistence of 100(1 - α)% Confidence sets of Finite Expected Diameter in Errors-in-Variables and Related Models. Read Full Report

85-16. S. S. Gupta, S. Panchapakesan. Selection and Ranking Procedures in Reliability Models. Read Full Report

85-17. T. Sellke. Repeated-MLE Procedures for Stochastic Approximation in Quantal Response Problems. Read Full Report

85-18. W.-C. Kim. A Lower Confidence Bound on the Probability of a Correct Selection. Read Full Report

85-19. S. S. Gupta, T. Matsui. On the Least Favorable Configuration of a Selection Procedure Based on Ranks (this paper is now #87-2).

85-20. J. K. Sohn. (Thesis) Multiple Decision Procedures for Tukey's Generalized Lambda Distributions. Read Full Report

85-21. T. Ramalingam. (Thesis) Statistical Properties of the File-Merging Methodology. Read Full Report

85-22. V. Anderson, L. J. Cote, K. C. S. Pillai. Sampling United States Forests Using Landsat Data. Read Full Report

85-23. P. S. Puri. A Branching Process Approach to a Problem Connected with a T.V. Game Show. Read Full Report

85-24. W. J. Studden, Y. B. Lim, K. B. Constantine. Admissible and Optimal Exact Designs for Polynomial Regression. Read Full Report

85-25. P. Protter. Semimartingales and Stochastic Differential Equations. Read Full Report

85-26. A. L. Rukhin. Estimated Loss and Admissible Loss Estimators. Read Full Report

85-27. A. L. Rukhin. Improved Estimation in Lognormal Regression Models. Read Full Report

85-28. L. J. Gleser. Minimax Estimators of a Normal Mean Vector for Arbitrary Quadratic Loss and Unknown Covariance Matrix. Read Full Report

85-29. S. S. Gupta and J. K. Sohn. Selection and Ranking Procedures for Tukey's Generalized Lambda Distributions: Symmetric Case. Read Full Report

85-30. S. S. Gupta and K. J. Miescke. Optimum Two-Stage Selection Procedures for Weibull Populations. Read Full Report

85-31. M. L. Samuels. Unequal Weights in the Two-Way Analysis of Variance. Read Full Report


85-32. T. C. Liang. Isotonic Rules for Selecting Good Exponential Populations. Read Full Report