1984 Technical Reports

84-1. B. Flury, W. Gautschi. An Algorithm for Simultaneous Orthogonal Transformation of Several Positive Definite Matrices to Nearly Diagonal Form. Read Full Report

84-2. S. S. Gupta, H. M. Yang. Bayes-P* Subset Selection Procedures for the Best Population. Read Full Report

84-3. G. P. McCabe. Regression Analysis as Statistical Evidence. Read Full Report

Published in Statistical Evidence of Discrimination, eds. D. H. Kaye and M. Aickin, Marcel Dekker, 1986

84-4. S. S. Gupta, S. Panchapakesan. Subset Selection Procedures: Review and Assessment. Read Full Report

84-5. Y.-K. T. Lo, G. P. McCabe. Characterizations of Indiana Soil Properties. Read Full Report

Published in Probabilistic Characterization of Soil Properties: Bridge Between Theory and Practice, ed. D. S. Bowles and H-Y Ko, American Society of Civil Engineers, 1984.

84-6. A. DasGupta. Simultaneous Estimation on the Multiparameter Gamma Distribution under Weight Quadratic Losses. Read Full Report

84-7. L.-Y. Leu. On the Optimality of Some Subset Selection Procedures. Read Full Report

84-8. A. DasGupta, B. K. Sinha. Estimation in the Multiparameter Exponential Family: Admissibility and Inadmissibility Results. Read Full Report

84-9. W. I. Notz. Optimal Designs for Treatment-Control Comparisons in the Presence of Two-Way Heterogeneity. Read Full Report

84-10. V. Solo. Identifiability of Time Series Models with Errors in Variables. Read Full Report

84-11. J. Chen, H. Rubin. On the Consistency Property of the Data-Based Histogram Density Estimator. Read Full Report

84-12. B. Flury. Analysis of Linear Combinations with Extreme Ratios of Variances. Read Full Report

84-13. D. Avis, B. Davis, J. M. Steele. Probabilistic Analysis of a Greedy Heuristic for Euclidean Matching. Read Full Report

84-14. V. Solo. An Alternative to Significance Tests. Read Full Report

84-15. T. Sellke, H. Rubin. Zeroes of Infinitely Differentiable Characteristic Functions. Read Full Report

84-16. A. Takemura. A generalization of autocorrelation and partial autocorrelation functions useful for identification of ARMA (p,q) processes. Read Full Report

84-17. K. C. Li. Asymptotic Optimality for Cp, CL, Cross-validation and Generalized Cross-validation: Discrete Index Set. Read Full Report

84-18. T. S. Salisbury. An Increasing Diffusion. Read Full Report

84-19. K. C. S. Pillai, B. N. Flury. Percentage Points of the Largest Characteristic Root of the Multivariate Beta Matrix. Read Full Report

84-20. L. J. Gleser, D. S. Moore. The effect of positive dependence on chi-squared tests for categorical data. Read Full Report

Published in Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Vol. B47, pp. 459--465, 1985.

84-21. D. C. Whittinghill III. Block Designs: General Optimality Results with Applications to Situations where Balanced Designs Do Not Exist. Read Full Report

84-22. L. J. Gleser, D. S. Moore. Positive Dependence in Markov Chains. Read Full Report

Published in Linear Algebra and Applications, Vol. 70, pp. 131-146, 1985.

84-23. J. Chen, B. Davis, H. Rubin. How non-uniform can a uniform sample be: A histogram approach. Read Full Report

84-24. A. Rukhin. Estimation of Linear Function of the Normal Mean and Variance. Read Full Report

84-25. A. Rukhin. Estimating a Ratio of Normal Parameters. Read Full Report

84-26. J. O. Berger. Bayesian Inference for a Normal Mean Using Robust Priors, Calculation of t convolutions, and scientific. (Not available for requests.)

84-27. J. O. Berger, T. Sellke. Testing a Point Null Hypothesis: The Irreconciliability of P-Values and Evidence. Read Full Report

84-28. B. L. S. Prakasa Rao, P. S. Puri. On the Statistical Inference for Infinite Parameter Exponential Families. Read Full Report

84-29. P. S. Puri. On Nonidentifiability Problems Among Some Stochastic Models in Reliability Theory. Read Full Report

84-30. J. Y. Shyr. Comparative Precision in Linear Structural Relationships. Read Full Report

84-31. T.-C. Liang. Some Contributions to Empirical Bayes, Sequential and Locally Optimal Subset Selection Rules. Read Full Report

84-32. A. DasGupta. Simultaneous Estimation of Arbitrary Scale-Parameters Under Arbitrary Quadratic Loss. Read Full Report

84-33. S. S. Gupta, T.-C. Liang. Locally Optimal Subset Selection Rules Based On Ranks Under Joint Type II Censoring. Read Full Report

84-34. J. Y. Shyr, L. J. Gleser. Inferences About Comparative Precision In Linear Structural Relationships. Read Full Report

84-35. W. J. Huang, P. S. Puri. On the Arrival and Departure Processes Arising in Queues with Infinite Servers. Read Full Report

84-36. P. S. Puri, H. Singh. Optimum replacement of a system subject to shocks and a mathematical lemma. Read Full Report

84-37. S. S. Gupta, T.-C. Liang. Empirical Bayes Rules for Selecting Good Binomial Populations. Read Full Report

84-38. A. L. Rukhin. Improved Estimation in Lognormal Models. Read Full Report

84-39. S. S. Gupta, J. C. Hsu. A Computer Package for Ranking, Selection, and Multiple Comparisons with the Best. Read Full Report

84-40. P. Protter. Stochastic Integration without Tears (with Apology to P.A. Meyer). Read Full Report

84-41. V. L. Anderson, K. C. Sinha, S. M. O'Brien. A Statistical Analysis of Shallow Patching Costs in Indiana for 1982-3. Read Full Report

84-42. P. S. Puri. Jerzy Neyman (1894-1981) - An Appreciation. Read Full Report

84-43. T. S. Lau, W. J. Studden. On an Extremal Problem of Fejer. Read Full Report

84-44. S. S. Gupta, K. J. Miescke. Minimax Multiple t-tests for Comparing k-Normal Populations with a Control. Read Full Report

84-45. R. P. Becker, G. P. McCabe. A Computer Program for Selecting Principal Variables. Read Full Report

84-46. A. L. Rukhin.Estimating Normal Tail Probabilities. Read Full Report

84-47. T. Matsui. Moments of a Rank Vector with Applications to Selection and Ranking. Read Full Report