1980 Technical Reports

80-1. S. S. Gupta, S. Panchapakesan. Some statistical techniques for climatological data. Read Full Report

80-2. A. L. Rukhin, W. E. Strawderman. Estimating a quantile of an exponential distribution. Read Full Report

80-3. K. C. Li, W. Notz. Robust designs for nearly linear regression. Read Full Report

80-4. P. S. Puri, S. W. Woolford. On a generalized storage model with moment assumptions. Read Full Report

80-5. G. Campbell, S. Samuels. Choosing the best of the current crop. Published in Advances in Applied Probability, Vol. 13, pp. 510-532, 1981.

80-6. T. Kuczek. On the convergence of the empiric age distribution for one dimensional supercritical age dependent branching processes. Read Full Report

80-7. A. Földes. On strong uniform consistency of the product limit estimator under variable censoring. Read Full Report

80-8. J. F. Bjørnstad. Comparison of two-way contingency tables. Read Full Report

80-9. S. S. Gupta, P. Hsiao. On Γ-minimax, minimax, and Bayes procedures for selecting populations close to a control. Read Full Report

80-10. G. Campbell, A. Földes. Large-Sample properties of nonparametric bivariate estimators with censored data. Read Full Report

80-11. J. Neyman, P. S. Puri. A hypothetical stochastic mechanism of radiation effects in single cells. Read Full Report

80-12. A. L. Rukhin. Distributions with sufficient statistics for multivariate location parameter and transformation parameter. Read Full Report

80-13. S. S. Gupta, G. C. McDonald. Nonparametric procedures in multiple decisions (ranking and selection procedures). Read Full Report

80-14. L. J. Gleser. Large deviation indices and Bahadur exact slopes. Read Full Report

80-15. M. L. Samuels. Matching and design efficiency in epidemiological studies. Published in Biometrika, Vol. 68, pp. 577-588, 1981.

80-16. B. K. Moser. Split plot regression methods. Read Full Report

80-17. J. F. Bjørnstad. A class of Schur-procedures and minimax theory for subset selection. Read Full Report

80-18. G. Campbell. Testing equality of proportions with incomplete correlated data. Read Full Report

80-19. R. McLean, V. L. Anderson. Note on a clarification of restriction errors. Read Full Report

80-20. S. S. Gupta, W. C. Kim. On the problem of selecting good populations. Read Full Report

80-21. D. S. Moore. The effect of dependence on chi-square tests of fit. Read Full Report

Published in Annals of Statistics, Vol. 10, pp. 1163-1171, 1982.

80-22. H. M. Yang. (Thesis) Some results in the theory of subset selection procedures. Read Full Report

80-23. D. Dey. (Thesis) On the choice of coordinates in simultaneous estimation of normal means. Read Full Report

80-24. J. O. Berger. Selecting a minimax estimator of a multivariate normal mean. Read Full Report

80-25. L. M. Berliner. Admissibility of generalized Bayes rules in the control problem. Read Full Report

80-26. G. Campbell, S. Geller. Balanced Latin squares. Read Full Report

80-27. W. J. Buhler, K. J. Miescke. On (n-1) wise and joint independence and normality of n random variables: An example. Read Full Report

80-28. K. J. Miescke. On two-stage procedures for finding a population better than a control. Read Full Report

80-29. W. Notz. Optimal robust designs for some regression problems. Read Full Report

80-30. A. L. Rukhin. Adaptive procedures in multiple decision problems and hypothesis testing. Read Full Report

80-31. M. E. Bock. Multiple subspace selection in estimation of multivariate normal means. Read Full Report

80-32. J. Berger, D. Dey. Combining coordinates in simultaneous estimation of normal means. Read Full Report

80-33. A. Singh, K. C. S. Pillai. On the exact non-null distribution of Wilks' LVC criterion in the complex case. Read Full Report