Ph.D. Dissertations: 1998 - 1999 Academic Year to Present

Dissertation TitlePh.D. StudentAdvisor(s)Graduated
Some Constructive Suggestions on False ModelsDr. Piyas ChakrabortyHao Zhang, Jayanta K. GhoshAug 2016
Model-Free Variable Screening, Sparse Regression Analysis and Other Applications with Optimal TransformationsDr. Qiming HuangMichael ZhuAug 2016
Group Tranformation and Identification with Kernel Methods and Big Data Mixed Logistic RegressionMr. Chao PanMichael ZhuAug 2016
High Dimensional Inference for Semiparametric ModelsDr. Zhuqing YuGuang ChengAug 2016
The Design and Statistical Analysis of Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing ExperimentsMs. Faye ZhengRebecca DoergeAug 2016
A Flexible Framework for Statistical Design and Analysis of Quantitative Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomic ExperimentsDr. Meena ChoiHyonho Chun, Olga VitekMay 2016
Assessing Inter-rater Agreement for Compositional DataMs. Ningning ChenBruce A. CraigDec 2015
On Methods for Variable Selection under Single Index Model and DNA Methylation Status CallingDr. Longjie ChengMichael ZhuDec 2015
Calcium Requirement Distribution via Bone Growth ModelingMr. Michael LawlorGeorge P. McCabeDec 2015
Malliavin Calculus in the Canonical Levy Process: White Noise Theory and Financial ApplicationsMr. Rolando NavarroFrederi G. ViensDec 2015
Applications of Short-Time Asymptotic Methods to Option Pricing and Change-Point Detection for Levy ProcessesMr. Sveinn OlafssonJose Figueroa-LopezAug 2015
Inference Using Multi-Level Genomic Features Sets and Models in RNA-Seq ExperimentsMr. Jeremiah RoundsRebecca DoergeAug 2015
Realized Kernal Estimation of Integrated Volatility Using High Feequency with Random Trading TimeMr. Xiaoguang WangMichael Levine, Frank (Jian) ZouAug 2015
Divide and Recombine For Large Complex Data: The Subset Likelihood Modeling Approach to Recombination Philip GautierWilliam S. ClevelandMay 2015
Uncertainty Quantification and Calibration of Physical ModelsMs. Xian HeHao ZhangMay 2015
A Pure-Jump Market-Making Model for High-Frequency TradingMr. Chi Wai (Baron) LawFrederi G. ViensMay 2015
Stability of Machine Leaving AlgorithmsMr. Wei SunGuang ChengMay 2015
Modeling Spatial Covariance Functions InKyung ChoiHao ZhangDec 2014
On the Occurences of Motifs in Recursive Trees With Applications to Random Structures Mohan GopaladesikanMark Daniel Ward, Hosam MahmoudDec 2014
Spatial Marked Point Processes - Models and InferencesMs. Yen-Ning HuangHao Zhang, Tonglin ZhangDec 2014
Nonparametric Variable Selection and Dimension Reduction Methods and Their Applications in Pharmacogenomics Zhu JingyiJun XieDec 2014
The Tessera D&R Computational Environment:Designed Experiments For R-Hadoop Performance and Bitcoin Analysis Jianfu LiWilliam S. ClevelandDec 2014
Identification of Genomic Factors Using Family Based Association StudiesMs. Libo WangDabao Zhang, Min ZhangDec 2014
Modeling and Inference in Functional Data AnalysisMs. Shuang HeXiao Wang, Chuanhai LiuAug 2014
Some Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Multiple Testing, Model Selection and Related AreasMr. Jyotishka DattaJayanta K. Ghosh, Michael ZhuMay 2014
A Study of the Tenability of Polya Urn SchemesMrs. Allison DavidsonMark Daniel WardMay 2014
Doubly Separable Models and Distributed Parameter EstimationMr. Hyokun YunS. V. N. VishwanathanMay 2014
Disk Diffusion Breakpoint Determination Using a Bayesian Nonparametric Varition of the Errors-in-Variables ModelMr. Glen DePalmaBruce A. CraigDec 2013
Non-parametric Spatial ModelsMr. Cheng LiuHao ZhangDec 2013
Statistical Estimation of Jump-Diffusion Models via Optimal ThresholdingMr. Jeffrey NisenJose Figueroa-LopezDec 2013
Statistical Models for Gene and Transcripts Quantification and Identification Using RNA-SeqMr. Han WuMichael ZhuDec 2013
Estimation of Variation for High-Throughput Molecular Biological Experiments with Small Sample SizeMs. Danni YuOlga VitekDec 2013
Cost effective and accurate protein quantification for large-scale targeted proteomicsMs. Ching-Yun (Veavi) ChangOlga VitekAug 2013
Optimal Low Rank Model for Multivariate Spatial DataMs. Juan HuHao ZhangAug 2013
A Framework for Practical Bayesian Analysis of High-Dimiensional Genomic DataMr. Sanvesh SrivastavaRebecca W. DoergeAug 2013
New Methods of Estimation of Long-Memory Models with an Application in ClimatologyMr. Luis BarbozaFrederi G. Viens, Bo LiDec 2012
Annotation-Informed Integration of 'omic Data in Next-Generation SequencingMr. Douglas BaumannRebecca W. DoergeDec 2012
General Method for Adaptive Control and Estimation of False Discovery RateMr. Xiongzhi ChenRebecca DoergeDec 2012
Statistical Protein Quantification and Prioritization in Label-Free Shotgun LC-MS/MS ProteomicsMr. Timothy CloughOlga VitekMay 2012
Model Selection: Bayes and Frequentist PerspectiveMr. Ritabrata DuttaJayanta K. Ghosh, Guang ChengMay 2012
Empirical Bayes Variable Selection in High-Dimensional RegressionMs. Vitara PungpapongDabao Zhang, Min ZhangMay 2012
LASSO and General L_1 Regularized Regression under Linear Equality and InequalityDr. Tianhong HeMichael ZhuDec 2011
Supervised Dimension Reduction for High-Dimensional Generalized Linear ModelsDr. Yanzhu LinDabao Zhang, Min ZhangDec 2011
A Multivariate Spatial Modeling Approach Using Semi-parametric Covariance FunctionsDr. Yong WangHao ZhangDec 2011
The Detection of Clusters with Spatial HeterogeneityDr. Zuoyi ZhangTonglin Zhang, Chuanhai LiuDec 2011
Inferential Models and Restricted SpacesMr. Duncan LeafChuanhai LiuAug 2011
Bayesian Linkage Analysis for AutotetraploidsMs. Eunjung LimBruce A CraigAug 2011
Bayesian Nonparametric Density Estimation and Sufficient Dimension Reduction in Survival AnalysisMs. Shraddha MehtaBruce A Craig, Jayanta K. GhoshAug 2011
Divide and Recombine (D&R) for the Analysis of Large and Complex Data Sets with Application to VOIPMs. Jin XiaWilliam S. Cleveland, Mark Daniel WardAug 2011
Selecting Subsets of Traits for Quantitative Trait Loci AnalysisMr. Tilman AchbergerRebecca W. DoergeMay 2011
Computing Environment for the Statistical Analysis of Large and Complex DataMr. Saptarshi GuhaWilliam S. ClevelandDec 2010
Population Monte Carlo Methods with Applications in Bayesian StatisticsMr. Andrew LewandowskiChuanhai LiuDec 2010
Building Statistical Models for Financial Asset Returns: New Stochastic Volatility ModelsMr. Yanhui MiChuanhai LiuDec 2010
Statistical Inference with Weak BeliefsMr. Jianchun ZhangChuanhai LiuDec 2010
Model-Based Identification and Quantification of Metabolites in 1H NMR SpectraMr. Cheng ZhengOlga VitekDec 2010
Statistical Design and Analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing DataMr. Paul Livermore AuerRebecca W. DoergeAug 2010
Incorporating Genome Annotation in the Statistical Analysis of Genomic & Epigenomic Tiling Array DataMs. Gayla OlbrichtRebecca W. Doerge, Bruce A. CraigAug 2010
Reverse Engineering Gene Networks Using Genomic Time-Course DataMs. Andrea RauRebecca W. DoergeAug 2010
Local Regression Models: Advancements, Applications and New MethodsMr. Ryan HafenWilliam S. ClevelandMay 2010
A Theil-type Estimate in Multiple Linear Regression and Developing a New BIC for Detecting Change-pointsMr. Gang ShenJayanta K. GhoshMay 2010
Variations and Hurst Index Estimation for Self-Similar ProcessesMs. Alexandra ChronopoulouFrederi G. ViensDec 2009
Joint Modeling of Highly Skewed Data with Excess Zeros Using PopulasMs. Joanne DaggyBruce A. CraigDec 2009
Associating Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) with Binary TraitsMr. Alexander LipkaRebecca W. Doerge, George P. McCabeDec 2009
Estimation of Interatomic Distance Distribution of Protein Molecules from Small Angle Scattering (SAS) ImagesMrs. Sudeshna PaulBruce A. CraigDec 2009
Improving the EM Algorithm for Maximum Likelihood InferenceMr. Yunxiao HeChuanhai LiuAug 2009
Statistical Inference of Protein Structure Using Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering DataMs. Lanqing HuaBruce A. CraigAug 2009
Methods for Analyzing Rankings Data and Network Intrusion DetectionDr. Paul KidwellWilliam S. Cleveland, Guy LebanonAug 2009
Fast Nonparametric Estimation of a Mixing Distribution with Application to High-dimensional InferenceMr. Ryan MartinJayanta K. Ghosh, Chuanhai LiuAug 2009
Mixed Models in Quantitative Trait Loci and Association Mapping with Bootstrap ThresholdsMrs. Cherie OchsenfeldRebecca W. Doerge, Kristofer JenningsAug 2009
Local Likelihood Modeling of the Concept Drift PhenomenonMr. Yang ZhaoGuy LebanonAug 2009
Some New Approaches in High-Dimensional Variable Selection and RegressionMr. Zhongyin (John) DayeMichael ZhuMay 2009
Covariance Adaptation and Regularization in Large-Scale Hypothesis Testing and High-Dimensional Variable SelectinoMs. Xinge Jessie JengJayanta K. Ghosh, Jiashun JinMay 2009
Mutual Fund Performance Evaluation Methodology and Local False Discovery Rate ApproachMr. Nikita TuzovFrederi G. ViensMay 2009
Group Variable Selection Methods in Analyses of Genomic DataMs. Lingmin ZengJun XieMay 2009
Nonparametric Calibration of Two Common Susceptibility Tests Using Interval-Censored Data with Measurement ErrorMr. Xiaoli QiBruce A. CraigDec 2008
Dynamic Clustering of Time Series Gene ExpressionMs. Lingling AnRebecca W. DoergeAug 2008
Multifractal Functional Sum-Diffesenle Models for Internet TrafficMr. David AndersonWilliam S. ClevelandAug 2008
An Additive-Interactive Nonlinear Volatility Model, Estimating and TestingMr. Jinguang (Tony) LiMichael (Mihails) LevineAug 2008
Stepwise Model Building Approach for Mixed-Effects Models with Random Scale EffectsMs. Lei ShuWilliam S. ClevelandAug 2008
Statistical Methods for Integrating Epigenomic ResultsMs. Suk Young YooRebecca W. DoergeAug 2008
Voice Over the Internet: Statistical Properties and Quality of ServiceDr. Hui ChenWilliam S. Cleveland, Bowei XiMay 2008
Algorithm-based statistical modeling with application to multi-sensor tracking data with missing valuesDr. Jianying ZhangWilliam S. ClevelandMay 2008
Statistical Methods for Mapping Multiple Complex TraitsMr. Riyan ChengRebecca W. Doerge, Jun XieDec 2007
Stenosis Surveillance for Hemodialysis PatientsMr. Zhenqiang (James) LuWilliam S. ClevelandDec 2007
Incorporating Uncertainty into Non-invasive DNA-based Mark-Recapture Population EstimatesMs. Shannon KnappBruce A. CraigAug 2007
Some Applications of the prior Bayes ApproachProf. Hui XuHerman RubinAug 2007
Estimation of a General Correlation Structure for Latent Class and Latent Variable Models of Multivariate Binary DataProf. Huiping XuBruce A. CraigAug 2007
Evaluating the Nutrional Impact of Maize Varieties Genetically Improved for Protein QualityDr. Nilupa GunaratnaGeorge P. McCabeMay 2007
Statistical Issues in Mapping of Genetic Determinants for Expression Level PolymorphismsDr. Kyunga KimRebecca W. DoergeMay 2007
Experimental Methods for Model SelectionDr. Benjamin TynerWilliam S. ClevelandMay 2007
Identifying Regulated Genes through the Correlation Structure of Time Dependent MicroarrayDr. Martina BremerRebecca W. DoergeDec 2006
Some Problems in Hazard Estimation with Smoothing SplinesDr. Pang DuChong GuAug 2006
Statistical Methods for Using 41Ca to Assess Treatment Effects on Bone TurnoverMr. Joseph NolanGeorge P. McCabeAug 2006
Classification and Variable Selection for High Dimensional Multivariate Binary Data: Adaboost Based New Methods and A Theory for the Plug-in RuleDr. Junyong ParkJayanta K. GhoshAug 2006
Exploring Dirichlet Mixture and Logistic Gaussian Process Priors in Density Estimation, Regression and Sufficient Dimension ReductionMr. Surya TokdarJayanta K. GhoshAug 2006
Statistical issues in protein microarray analysisDr. Lianbo YuRebecca W. DoergeMay 2006
On the Estimation of Mixing Distributions: NPMLE and NPMPLEMr. Lei LiuMichael ZhuDec 2005
Non- and Semi- Parametric Regression with Correlated DataMr. Chun HanChong GuAug 2005
Some Topics in Probability and StatisticsMr. Bradford JohnsonThomas M. SellkeAug 2005
Bayesian Models and Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Protein Motifs Using Secondary CharacteristicsMr. Nak-Kyeong KimJun XieAug 2005
Methods for Missing Values in Dichotomous Response VariablesDr. Yun WangGeorge P. McCabeAug 2005
Fourier methods for sufficient dimension reduction in regressionProf. Peng ZengMichael ZhuAug 2005
Non parametric Clustering and mold selection with application in BioinformaticsMs. Wenxuan ZhongMichael ZhuAug 2005
Incorporating Time-Dependent Covariate in the Cox Proportional Hazards Models: the LVAR ApproachMs. Yali LiuBruce A. CraigMay 2005
Meta-Analytic Approaches for Microarray DataMr. John StevensRebecca W. DoergeMay 2005
An Inferential Approach to Protein Backbone Nuclear Magnetic Resonance AssignmentMs. Olga VitekBruce A. Craig, Chris Bailey-KelloggMay 2005
Stochastic Volatility Stock Price - Coefficient Estimation and Option Pricing Using a Recombining Tree and Sharp Estimation of the Almost-Sure Lyapunov Exponent for the Anderson Model in Continuous SpaceMr. Ionut FlorescuFrederi G. ViensDec 2004
A Two-Step Procedure for Multiple Pairwise Comparisons in Microarray ExperimentsProf. Hongmei JiangRebecca W. DoergeDec 2004
Motif Discovery via Context Dependent ModelsMr. Chuancai WangBruce A. Craig, Jun XieDec 2004
Model Selection for High Deimnsional Problems with Application to Function EstimationMr. Arijit ChakrabartiJayanta K. GhoshAug 2004
Limit Theorems for Reinforced Random Walks on TreesMr. Andrea CollevecchioBurgess DavisAug 2004
Estimation of Parameters in Nonlinear Models with Dependent DataMs. Zhen JiangGeorge P. McCabeAug 2004
Estimation of the Distribution of Protein Requirements in a PopulationMr. Craig JohnsonGeorge P. McCabeAug 2004
A Study of Random Field Models in Fitting Unspecified Data Generating Processes: Thoery and ApplicationsMr. Yu QinSeongjoo SongAug 2004
Some Classical and Bayesian Nonparametric Regression Methods in a Longitudinal Marginal ModelMr. Jeonggang (Martin) SeoJayanta K. GhoshAug 2004
Quantitative Trait Locus Analysis in PolyploidsDr. Dachuang CaoRebecca W. Doerge, Bruce A. CraigMay 2004
A New Statistical Model Combining Strength and Binary Choice with Applications to Paired Comparison ProblemsMr. David AnnisBruce A. CraigDec 2003
Statistical Analysis of Medical ImagesProf. Nels GrevstadChong GuAug 2003
Finite Mixture for Clustering, Dimension Reduction and Privacy Preserving Data MiningProf. Xiaodong LinMichael ZhuAug 2003
Nonparametric Mixed-Effect ModelsMr. Ping MaChong GuAug 2003
On Some Empirical Bayes and Statistical Selection and Ranking ProceduresDr. Lin (Colin) ChenThomas M. SellkeMay 2003
Smoothing Spline Regression: Scalable Computation and Cross ValidationMs. Young-Ju KimChong GuMay 2003
Penalized Likelihood Density Estimation: Cross Validation and Some Small TheoriesMr. Jingyuan WangChong GuMay 2003
Bayesian Analysis of Nonparametric Regression ProblemsDr. Messan (Charles) Amewou-AtissoJayanta K. GhoshAug 2002
Statistical Issues in the Design and Analysis of Spotted Microarray ExperimentsDr. Michael Alan BlackRebecca W. DoergeAug 2002
On Semiparametric Regression Via WaveletsProf. Leming QuMary Ellen BockAug 2002
Limit Theorem for the Spread of Branching Process with Stabilizing DriftMs. Olga KorostelevaThomas M. SellkeMay 2002
Hedging of Options When the Price Process Has Jumps Whose Arrival Rate Depends on the Price HistoryProf. Kiseop LeePhilip ProtterMay 2002
Variable Selection Methodology for High-Dimensional Multivariate Binary Data with Application to Microbial Community DNA Fingerprint AnalysisDr. Jayson WilburRebecca W. Doerge, Jayanta K. GhoshMay 2002
Nonparametric Regression and Density Estimation in Besov Spaced via WaveletsProf. Eric ChickenTianwen Tony Cai, William J. StuddenDec 2001
Choice of Priors for Hierarchical Models: Admissibility and ComputationMr. Dejun TangMary Ellen Bock, James O. BergerDec 2001
On Some Statistical Inference Problems Using Empirical Bayes ApproachDr. Jianjun LiShanti S. GuptaAug 2001
Optimal Designs for Estimating the Path of a Stochastic ProcessProf. Bhramar MukherjeeWilliam J. StuddenAug 2001
Null Model Methods for Cluster Analysis of Gene Expression DataDr. Brian MunnekeRebecca W. DoergeAug 2001
Bayesian Model Selection for High Dimensional Models with Prediction Error Loss and 0-1 Loss.Dr. Nitai MukhopadhyayJames O. Berger, Jayanta K. GhoshAug 2000
Some Contributions to Stochastic GeometryDr. Wen-Chi TsaiAnirban DasGuptaAug 2000
Convergence of the Euler Scheme for Stochastic Differential EquationsDr. Liqing YanPhilip ProtterAug 2000
Filtering and Estimation of Noise Contaminated Chaotic Time SeriesDr. Jason H. StoverSteven P. LalleyMay 2000
Ms. Laura Di DomenicoMary Ellen BockDec 1999
Estimation, Testing, and Forecasting for Long Memory ProcessesDr. Chuanbo ZangAnirban DasGuptaAug 1999
Multiple Decision Theory: Ranking and Selection RulesDr. Xun LinShanti S. GuptaMay 1999
Limit Theorems for the Minimal Position in a Branching Random Walk with Independent Logconcave DisplacementsDr. Markus BachmannThomas M. SellkeDec 1998
Subsampling methods for stochastic process based on Poisson samplesDr. Zusheng (Shawn) JinGeorge P. McCabeDec 1998
Development of Expected Posterior Prior Distributions for Model ComparisonDr. Jose Miguel PerezJames O. Berger, Shanti S. GuptaDec 1998
Unified Bayesian and Conditional Frequentist Testing ProceduresProf. Sarat C. DassJames O. Berger, Mary Ellen BockAug 1998
Semiparametric Bayesian Analysis: Selection Models and Meteorological ApplicationsDr. Jaeyong LeeJames O. Berger, Thomas M. SellkeAug 1998