Spatial Statistics and Statistical Climatology

Climate change is a major challenge for the world, with enormous potential impact on our environment, economy and health. At the same time it offers many fascinating problems in geosciences, mathematics (nonlinear dynamics and chaos), physics and statistics. This research group develops novel statistical theory and methods for the study in climate and environment, and carries out interdisciplinary research. Collaborations are envisaged with Purdue Climate Change Research Center (PCCRC), Purdue Center for Environment and several department including Agronomy, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Forestry and Natural Resources and Mathematics.

Some Ongoing Research Projects

Relevant Courses

STAT 42000 Introductory Time Series
STAT 52000 Time Series and Applications
STAT 52600 Advanced Statistical Methodology
STAT59800 Applied Spatial Statistics (Offered in Spring semester of even years)
STAT59800 Modern Applied Statistics (Offered in Spring semester of odd years)
STAT59800 Spatial Data Analysis (Fall 2010)
MA 51400 Numerical Analysis
EAS 52000 Theory of Climate
EAS 59100/STAT 59800 Statistics of Extremes
EAS 59100/STAT 59800 Trends, Extremes and Predictability in Weather and Climate
EAS 59100/STAT 59800 Chaos and Complexity in Atmospheric and Climate Dynamics (Fall 2010)
EAS 59100 Chaos and Predictability