Ellen Gundlach Selected as IMPACT Faculty Fellow

February,  2012


Continuing Lecturer Ellen Gundlach was recently selected as a Faculty Fellow in the IMPACT Program at Purdue. The mission of IMPACT is to improve student competency and confidence through redesign of foundational courses by using research findings on sound, student-centered teaching and learning.

Ellen will spend the next year working as an IMPACT Faculty Fellow in the ongoing redesign of STAT 113, "Statistics in Society." This is a course that teaches statistical concepts to undergraduates while emphasizing applications in public policy and in the social and behavioral sciences. Each semester Ellen instructs 500 traditional classroom students, as well as the newly established online version of the same course taken by 80 students. Through the IMPACT program Ellen will be responsible for guiding STAT 113 to a more student-centered learning experience.

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February 2012