Cheng Receives Noether Young Scholar Award

August,  2012


At the recent 2012 Joint Statistical Meeting (JSM) held in San Diego, Assistant Professor Guang Cheng was honored with the Gottfried E. Noether Young Scholar Award. The Noether Young Scholar Award is bestowed upon a distinguished researcher - younger than 35 years of age - who has made significant research accomplishments in Nonparametric Statistics, interpreted broadly to include theory, methodology, and outstanding applications.

Past recipients include Rafael Irizarry, Xihong Lin, Yi Lin, Gerda Claeskens, Jeffrey Morris, Ciprian Crainiceanu, Davy Paindaveine, Donglin Zeng, Harrison Zhou, Elizaveta Levina, and Ying Wei. Congratulations Guang for this honor!

August 2012