Congratulations August 2012 Graduates

August,  2012

Purdue Statistics - August 2012 Graduates
August 2012 - Statistics Graduates

The Department of Statistics would like to congratulate all of our August 2012 graduates. On August 4 2012, Purdue University and the Department of Statistics awarded degrees to the following people:

Ph.D. Graduates (Advisor) Dissertation Title

  • Mr. Timothy Clough (Olga Vitek) "Statistical Protein Quantification and Prioritization in Label-Free Shotgun LC-MC/MC Proteomics"
  • Mr. Ritabrata Dutta (Guang Cheng and Jayanta K Ghosh) "Model Selection: Bayes and Frequentist Perspective"

M.S. Graduates

  • Mr. Robert Ness

Graduate Certificates

  • Ms. Shasha Li
  • Ms. Wei Liu

Undergraduates in Statistics and Actuarial Science

  • Mr. Iman B. Khairuman
  • Ms. Yoonha Min
  • Ms. Rawan O. Mohd
  • Mr. Nikl Amirul Mukmeen B. Nik Md Yusof
  • Mr. Genesis M. Rodrigo

Best wishes to all of our graduates. We look forward to hearing from you!

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