STATCOM Network Newsletter Highlights Student Pro Bono Community Work

July,  2008

By: Andrea Rau, STATCOM Network Outreach Coordinator

STATCOM (Statistics in the Community) is a student-run organization that provides pro bono statistical consulting services to local government and nonprofit organizations. Originally established in 2001 by a statistics doctoral student at Purdue University, Nels Grevstad, STATCOM has continually grown each year to meet the demand for statistical consulting on a local level. Since 2005, STATCOM has expanded from a single organization at Purdue University to a network of ten individual STATCOMs at universities both in this country and abroad, and this number continues to grow each year.

As the size of the STATCOM Network has grown, good communications among different programs have taken on increasing importance. The STATCOM Network Newsletter is an excellent forum for such interactions, not only for members within the STATCOM Network, but also for the general public interested in pro bono community work. Updates about current and past projects, challenges faced by developing programs, advice and suggestions from established programs, and photos are featured in the Network Newsletter. The second issue of the STATCOM Network Newsletter recently became available in June 2008, and can be found with past issues here.

July 2008