Myra Samuels Biostatistics Fund

Myra SamuelsThe Myra Samuels Biostatistics fund provides for travel and expenses for speakers on the topic of biostatistics as part of the Myra Samuels Memorial Lecture series.

The lecture series is named in memory of Myra L. Samuels, who was associate professor of biostatistics and epidemiology in Purdue's Department of Veterinary Pathobiology and associate director of Statistical Consulting in the Department of Statistics. She received her Ph.D. in statistics from the University of California, Berkeley, under Jerzy Neyman, and taught at Purdue for 24 years. Her research was oriented toward issues in biostatistics and included both conceptual issues mathematical statistics and collaborations on applications.

Professor Samuels was a member of the American Statistical Association, the Biometric Society and the Society for Clinical Trials. Her textbook, Statistics for the Life Sciences, first published in 1989, is now in its fifth edition, revised by Jeffrey Witmer and Andrew Schaffner. The textbook is still widely used in statistics courses.

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