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The BigTap group at Purdue University provides biomedical researchers inexperienced in biomedical big data science with entry level training in big data science. We have two different opportunities:

  1. On-Site Boot Camp:  This is a 9 day immersive experience that utilizes high performance computing, is group project driven, and includes lectures and demonstrations by experts.

  2. On-line Course: This is a semester long, self-paced course that uses hands-on exercises and recorded lectures/demonstrations by experts.

Both opportunities use a series of problem-based activities to build familiarity and basic competency with established tools and publically available resources. These activities are complemented by formal lectures on topics important for big data science. The courses are open to faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and post-prelim graduate students.

The educational goals of these programs is to:

  • Raise participant awareness and knowledge of the value of big data in biomedical research
  • Build basic competency of participants in the use of established tools and public databases
  • Give participant a vocabulary that allows them to effectively communicate with big data science experts

Topics covered include:

  • Using public databases and tools
  • Differential expression analysis using RNA arrays and RNA-seq data
  • Use of Next Generation Sequencing data for RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, and epigenetics.
  • Visualization and functional assessment of data
  • Use of “omics” data for Biomarker discovery
  • Integrating multiple types of omics data
  • Building an understanding of GWAS and how genetic variation influences biology and disease

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