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The Department of Statistics at Purdue University is a 21st Century Statistics institution that prides itself in education, research, and community engagement. We have a historically strong interdisciplinary presence in both theoretical and applied statistics, with many of our faculty leading the way in cutting-edge research that includes:

Our graduate students founded Statistics in the Community (StatCom), a premier volunteer statistical consulting organization that engages the local community, and serves as an excellent example of 'statistics at work'. The education and research programs at Purdue Statistics aim at globally important scientific issues such as cancer, financial forecasting, pattern recognition, and gene regulatory networks, that in turn provide our graduates with the training and experience to obtain exciting jobs in industry, government, academic, and non-profit institutions.

The future of Statistics is bright, and Purdue University is proud to be leading the way!

Graduate Course Descriptions


For Today's Graduate, Just One Word: Statistics

08/05/09 New York Times Technology
By Steve Lohr

The rising stature of statisticians, who can earn $125,000 at top companies in their first year after getting a doctorate, is a byproduct of the explosion of digital data.

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Advice for Those Applying to Graduate School

February 2016 Amstat News
By David Banks and Mark Daniel Ward

 Stat Professors David Banks from Duke University and Mark Daniel Ward from Purdue University offer their best counsel to those students resolved to propel their academic careers.

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