Schedule and Textbooks Information

Fall 2017 Schedule and Textbook Information for STAT 250


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STAT 250 - Texbook(s) for Fall 2017

CRN Title Author ISBN Version Req/Opt
45601Actex Study Manual for SOA Exam P, 2016 with BONUS Formula Card!Broverman9781625427960Y

STAT 250 - Schedule information for Fall 2017

CRN Section Instructor Day Time Room
29147001Lida AhmadiTR4:30-5:20pmREC 317

STAT 250 - Course Outline

Section 0 - Review of Algebra and Calculus
Section 1 - Basic Probability Concepts
Section 2 - Conditional Probability and Independence
Section 3 - Combinatorial Principles
Section 4 - Random Variables and Probability Distributions
Section 5 - Expectation and other Distribution Parameters
Section 6 - Frequently Used Discrete Distributions
Section 7 - Frequently Used Continuous Distributions
Section 8 - Joint, Marginal, and Conditional Distributions
Section 9 - Transformations of Random Variables
Section 10 - Risk Management Concepts