Ph.D. Dissertations: Academic Year 1998-1999 to Present

TitlePh.D. StudentAdvisorAcademic Year
Parallel Construction of Large-Scale Gene Regulatory Networks Chen Chen Min Zhang 2016-2017
Pragmatic Statistical Methods for Effective Protein Biomarker Discovery Lin-Yang Cheng Bowei Xi 2016-2017
Sampling Laws for Multi-Objective Simulation Optimization on Finite Sets Guy Feldman Raghu Pasupathy, Susan Hunter 2016-2017
Division of Credit Modeling for Team Sports with an Emphasis on NCAA Women's Volleyball Zachary Hass Bruce A. Craig 2016-2017
Statistics of Extremes with Climate Applications Whitney Huang Hao Zhang 2016-2017
Optimal Iterative Threshold Kernel Estimation of Jump-Diffusion Processes Cheng Li Hao Zhang, Jose Figueroa-Lopez 2016-2017
Advanced Statistical Tests for Large-Scale Genomic Data Analysis Yaowu Liu Jun Xie 2016-2017
Graphical Models for Non-Gaussian Continuous Data with Applications to Genomics Datasets Ji Hwan Oh Hyonho Chun 2016-2017
A Framework for the Statistical Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Imaging Experiments Kylie Bemis Hyonho Chun, Olga Vitek 2016-2017
Bayesian Methods for Causal Inference of Cell Signal Transduction Mr. Robert Ness Hyonho Chun 2016-2017
Group Tranformation and Identification with Kernel Methods and Big Data Mixed Logistic Regression Mr. Chao Pan Michael Zhu 2016-2017
Some Functional Regression Models in the Frame Work of Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Simeng Qu Xiao Wang 2016-2017
Divide and Recombined for Large Complex Data: Nonparametric-Regression Modelling of Spatial and Seasonal-Temporal Time Series Mr. Xiaosu Tong William S. Cleveland 2016-2017
Some Constructive Suggestions on False Models Mr. Piyas Chakraborty Hao Zhang, Jayanta K. Ghosh 2015-2016
Model-Free Variable Screening, Sparse Regression Analysis and Other Applications with Optimal Transformations Mr. Qiming Huang Michael Zhu 2015-2016
High Dimensional Inference for Semiparametric Models Ms. Zhuqing Yu Guang Cheng 2015-2016
The Design and Statistical Analysis of Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Experiments Ms. Faye Zheng Rebecca Doerge 2015-2016
A Flexible Framework for Statistical Design and Analysis of Quantitative Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomic Experiments Ms. Meena Choi Hyonho Chun, Olga Vitek 2015-2016
Applications of Short-Time Asymptotic Methods to Option Pricing and Change-Point Detection for Levy Processes Mr. Sveinn Olafsson Jose Figueroa-Lopez 2014-2015
Inference Using Multi-Level Genomic Features Sets and Models in RNA-Seq Experiments Mr. Jeremiah Rounds Rebecca Doerge 2014-2015
Realized Kernal Estimation of Integrated Volatility Using High Feequency with Random Trading Time Mr. Xiaoguang Wang Michael Levine, Frank (Jian) Zou 2014-2015
Divide and Recombine For Large Complex Data: The Subset Likelihood Modeling Approach to Recombination Mr. Philip Gautier William S. Cleveland 2014-2015
Uncertainty Quantification and Calibration of Physical Models Ms. Xian He Hao Zhang 2014-2015
A Pure-Jump Market-Making Model for High-Frequency Trading Mr. Chi Wai (Baron) Law Frederi G. Viens 2014-2015
Stability of Machine Leaving Algorithms Mr. Wei Sun Guang Cheng 2014-2015
Modeling Spatial Covariance Functions Ms. InKyung Choi Hao Zhang 2014-2015
On the Occurences of Motifs in Recursive Trees With Applications to Random Structures Mr. Mohan Gopaladesikan Mark Daniel Ward, Hosam Mahmoud 2014-2015
Spatial Marked Point Processes - Models and Inferences Ms. Yen-Ning Huang Hao Zhang, Tonglin Zhang 2014-2015
Nonparametric Variable Selection and Dimension Reduction Methods and Their Applications in Pharmacogenomics Ms. Zhu Jingyi Jun Xie 2014-2015
The Tessera D&R Computational Environment:Designed Experiments For R-Hadoop Performance and Bitcoin Analysis Mr. Jianfu Li William S. Cleveland 2014-2015
Identification of Genomic Factors Using Family Based Association Studies Ms. Libo Wang Dabao Zhang, Min Zhang 2014-2015
Modeling and Inference in Functional Data Analysis Ms. Shuang He Xiao Wang, Chuanhai Liu 2013-2014
Some Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Multiple Testing, Model Selection and Related Areas Mr. Jyotishka Datta Jayanta K. Ghosh, Michael Zhu 2013-2014
A Study of the Tenability of Polya Urn Schemes Ms. Allison Davidson Mark Daniel Ward 2013-2014
Doubly Separable Models and Distributed Parameter Estimation Mr. Hyokun Yun S. V. N. Vishwanathan 2013-2014
Disk Diffusion Breakpoint Determination Using a Bayesian Nonparametric Varition of the Errors-in-Variables Model Mr. Glen DePalma Bruce A. Craig 2013-2014
Non-parametric Spatial Models Mr. Cheng Liu Hao Zhang 2013-2014
Statistical Estimation of Jump-Diffusion Models via Optimal Thresholding Mr. Jeffrey Nisen Jose Figueroa-Lopez 2013-2014
Statistical Models for Gene and Transcripts Quantification and Identification Using RNA-Seq Mr. Han Wu Michael Zhu 2013-2014
Estimation of Variation for High-Throughput Molecular Biological Experiments with Small Sample Size Ms. Danni Yu Olga Vitek 2013-2014
Cost effective and accurate protein quantification for large-scale targeted proteomics Ms. Ching-Yun (Veavi) Chang Olga Vitek 2012-2013
Optimal Low Rank Model for Multivariate Spatial Data Ms. Juan Hu Hao Zhang 2012-2013
A Framework for Practical Bayesian Analysis of High-Dimiensional Genomic Data Mr. Sanvesh Srivastava Rebecca W. Doerge 2012-2013
New Methods of Estimation of Long-Memory Models with an Application in Climatology Mr. Luis Barboza Frederi G. Viens, Bo Li 2012-2013
Annotation-Informed Integration of 'omic Data in Next-Generation Sequencing Mr. Douglas Baumann Rebecca W. Doerge 2012-2013
General Method for Adaptive Control and Estimation of False Discovery Rate Mr. Xiongzhi Chen Rebecca Doerge 2012-2013
Statistical Protein Quantification and Prioritization in Label-Free Shotgun LC-MS/MS Proteomics Mr. Timothy Clough Olga Vitek 2011-2012
Model Selection: Bayes and Frequentist Perspective Mr. Ritabrata Dutta Jayanta K. Ghosh, Guang Cheng 2011-2012
Empirical Bayes Variable Selection in High-Dimensional Regression Ms. Vitara Pungpapong Dabao Zhang, Min Zhang 2011-2012
LASSO and General L_1 Regularized Regression under Linear Equality and Inequality Ms. Tianhong He Michael Zhu 2011-2012
Supervised Dimension Reduction for High-Dimensional Generalized Linear Models Ms. Yanzhu Lin Dabao Zhang, Min Zhang 2011-2012
A Multivariate Spatial Modeling Approach Using Semi-parametric Covariance Functions Mr. Yong Wang Hao Zhang 2011-2012
The Detection of Clusters with Spatial Heterogeneity Mr. Zuoyi Zhang Tonglin Zhang, Chuanhai Liu 2011-2012
Inferential Models and Restricted Spaces Mr. Duncan Leaf Chuanhai Liu 2010-2011
Bayesian Linkage Analysis for Autotetraploids Ms. Eunjung Lim Bruce A Craig 2010-2011
Bayesian Nonparametric Density Estimation and Sufficient Dimension Reduction in Survival Analysis Ms. Shraddha Mehta Bruce A Craig, Jayanta K. Ghosh 2010-2011
Divide and Recombine (D&R) for the Analysis of Large and Complex Data Sets with Application to VOIP Ms. Jin Xia William S. Cleveland, Mark Daniel Ward 2010-2011
Selecting Subsets of Traits for Quantitative Trait Loci Analysis Mr. Tilman Achberger Rebecca W. Doerge 2010-2011
Computing Environment for the Statistical Analysis of Large and Complex Data Mr. Saptarshi Guha William S. Cleveland 2010-2011
Population Monte Carlo Methods with Applications in Bayesian Statistics Mr. Andrew Lewandowski Chuanhai Liu 2010-2011
Building Statistical Models for Financial Asset Returns: New Stochastic Volatility Models Mr. Yanhui Mi Chuanhai Liu 2010-2011
Statistical Inference with Weak Beliefs Mr. Jianchun Zhang Chuanhai Liu 2010-2011
Model-Based Identification and Quantification of Metabolites in 1H NMR Spectra Mr. Cheng Zheng Olga Vitek 2010-2011
Statistical Design and Analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing Data Mr. Paul Livermore Auer Rebecca W. Doerge 2009-2010
Incorporating Genome Annotation in the Statistical Analysis of Genomic & Epigenomic Tiling Array Data Ms. Gayla Olbricht Rebecca W. Doerge, Bruce A. Craig 2009-2010
Reverse Engineering Gene Networks Using Genomic Time-Course Data Ms. Andrea Rau Rebecca W. Doerge 2009-2010
Local Regression Models: Advancements, Applications and New Methods Mr. Ryan Hafen William S. Cleveland 2009-2010
A Theil-type Estimate in Multiple Linear Regression and Developing a New BIC for Detecting Change-points Mr. Gang Shen Jayanta K. Ghosh 2009-2010
Variations and Hurst Index Estimation for Self-Similar Processes Ms. Alexandra Chronopoulou Frederi G. Viens 2009-2010
Joint Modeling of Highly Skewed Data with Excess Zeros Using Populas Ms. Joanne Daggy Bruce A. Craig 2009-2010
Associating Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) with Binary Traits Mr. Alexander Lipka Rebecca W. Doerge, George P. McCabe 2009-2010
Estimation of Interatomic Distance Distribution of Protein Molecules from Small Angle Scattering (SAS) Images Ms. Sudeshna Paul Bruce A. Craig 2009-2010
Improving the EM Algorithm for Maximum Likelihood Inference Mr. Yunxiao He Chuanhai Liu 2008-2009
Statistical Inference of Protein Structure Using Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Data Ms. Lanqing Hua Bruce A. Craig 2008-2009
Methods for Analyzing Rankings Data and Network Intrusion Detection Mr. Paul Kidwell William S. Cleveland, Guy Lebanon 2008-2009
Fast Nonparametric Estimation of a Mixing Distribution with Application to High-dimensional Inference Mr. Ryan Martin Jayanta K. Ghosh, Chuanhai Liu 2008-2009
Mixed Models in Quantitative Trait Loci and Association Mapping with Bootstrap Thresholds Ms. Cherie Ochsenfeld Rebecca W. Doerge, Kristofer Jennings 2008-2009
Local Likelihood Modeling of the Concept Drift Phenomenon Mr. Yang Zhao Guy Lebanon 2008-2009
Some New Approaches in High-Dimensional Variable Selection and Regression Mr. Zhongyin (John) Daye Michael Zhu 2008-2009
Covariance Adaptation and Regularization in Large-Scale Hypothesis Testing and High-Dimensional Variable Selectino Ms. Xinge Jessie Jeng Jayanta K. Ghosh, Jiashun Jin 2008-2009
Mutual Fund Performance Evaluation Methodology and Local False Discovery Rate Approach Mr. Nikita Tuzov Frederi G. Viens 2008-2009
Group Variable Selection Methods in Analyses of Genomic Data Ms. Lingmin Zeng Jun Xie 2008-2009
Nonparametric Calibration of Two Common Susceptibility Tests Using Interval-Censored Data with Measurement Error Mr. Xiaoli Qi Bruce A. Craig 2008-2009
Dynamic Clustering of Time Series Gene Expression Ms. Lingling An Rebecca W. Doerge 2007-2008
Multifractal Functional Sum-Diffesenle Models for Internet Traffic Mr. David Anderson William S. Cleveland 2007-2008
An Additive-Interactive Nonlinear Volatility Model, Estimating and Testing Mr. Jinguang (Tony) Li Michael (Mihails) Levine 2007-2008
Stepwise Model Building Approach for Mixed-Effects Models with Random Scale Effects Ms. Lei Shu William S. Cleveland 2007-2008
Statistical Methods for Integrating Epigenomic Results Ms. Suk Young Yoo Rebecca W. Doerge 2007-2008
Voice Over the Internet: Statistical Properties and Quality of Service Ms. Hui Chen William S. Cleveland, Bowei Xi 2007-2008
Algorithm-based statistical modeling with application to multi-sensor tracking data with missing values Ms. Jianying Zhang William S. Cleveland 2007-2008
Statistical Methods for Mapping Multiple Complex Traits Mr. Riyan Cheng Rebecca W. Doerge, Jun Xie 2007-2008
Stenosis Surveillance for Hemodialysis Patients Mr. Zhenqiang (James) Lu William S. Cleveland 2007-2008
Incorporating Uncertainty into Non-invasive DNA-based Mark-Recapture Population Estimates Ms. Shannon Knapp Bruce A. Craig 2006-2007
Estimation of a General Correlation Structure for Latent Class and Latent Variable Models of Multivariate Binary Data Ms. Huiping Xu Bruce A. Craig 2006-2007
Some Applications of the prior Bayes Approach Mr. Hui Xu Herman Rubin 2006-2007
Evaluating the Nutrional Impact of Maize Varieties Genetically Improved for Protein Quality Ms. Nilupa Gunaratna George P. McCabe 2006-2007
Statistical Issues in Mapping of Genetic Determinants for Expression Level Polymorphisms Ms. Kyunga Kim Rebecca W. Doerge 2006-2007
Experimental Methods for Model Selection Mr. Benjamin Tyner William S. Cleveland 2006-2007
Identifying Regulated Genes through the Correlation Structure of Time Dependent Microarray Ms. Martina Bremer Rebecca W. Doerge 2006-2007
Some Problems in Hazard Estimation with Smoothing Splines Mr. Pang Du Chong Gu 2005-2006
Statistical Methods for Using 41Ca to Assess Treatment Effects on Bone Turnover Mr. Joseph Nolan George P. McCabe 2005-2006
Classification and Variable Selection for High Dimensional Multivariate Binary Data: Adaboost Based New Methods and A Theory for the Plug-in Rule Mr. Junyong Park Jayanta K. Ghosh 2005-2006
Exploring Dirichlet Mixture and Logistic Gaussian Process Priors in Density Estimation, Regression and Sufficient Dimension Reduction Mr. Surya Tokdar Jayanta K. Ghosh 2005-2006
Statistical issues in protein microarray analysis Mr. Lianbo Yu Rebecca W. Doerge 2005-2006
On the Estimation of Mixing Distributions: NPMLE and NPMPLE Mr. Lei Liu Michael Zhu 2005-2006
Non- and Semi- Parametric Regression with Correlated Data Mr. Chun Han Chong Gu 2004-2005
Some Topics in Probability and Statistics Mr. Bradford Johnson Thomas M. Sellke 2004-2005
Bayesian Models and Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Protein Motifs Using Secondary Characteristics Mr. Nak-Kyeong Kim Jun Xie 2004-2005
Methods for Missing Values in Dichotomous Response Variables Ms. Yun Wang George P. McCabe 2004-2005
Fourier methods for sufficient dimension reduction in regression Mr. Peng Zeng Michael Zhu 2004-2005
Non parametric Clustering and mold selection with application in Bioinformatics Ms. Wenxuan Zhong Michael Zhu 2004-2005
Incorporating Time-Dependent Covariate in the Cox Proportional Hazards Models: the LVAR Approach Ms. Yali Liu Bruce A. Craig 2004-2005
Meta-Analytic Approaches for Microarray Data Mr. John Stevens Rebecca W. Doerge 2004-2005
An Inferential Approach to Protein Backbone Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Assignment Ms. Olga Vitek Bruce A. Craig, Chris Bailey-Kellogg 2004-2005
Stochastic Volatility Stock Price - Coefficient Estimation and Option Pricing Using a Recombining Tree and Sharp Estimation of the Almost-Sure Lyapunov Exponent for the Anderson Model in Continuous Space Mr. Ionut Florescu Frederi G. Viens 2004-2005
A Two-Step Procedure for Multiple Pairwise Comparisons in Microarray Experiments Ms. Hongmei Jiang Rebecca W. Doerge 2004-2005
Motif Discovery via Context Dependent Models Mr. Chuancai Wang Bruce A. Craig, Jun Xie 2004-2005
Model Selection for High Deimnsional Problems with Application to Function Estimation Mr. Arijit Chakrabarti Jayanta K. Ghosh 2003-2004
Limit Theorems for Reinforced Random Walks on Trees Mr. Andrea Collevecchio Burgess Davis 2003-2004
Estimation of Parameters in Nonlinear Models with Dependent Data Ms. Zhen Jiang George P. McCabe 2003-2004
Estimation of the Distribution of Protein Requirements in a Population Mr. Craig Johnson George P. McCabe 2003-2004
A Study of Random Field Models in Fitting Unspecified Data Generating Processes: Thoery and Applications Mr. Yu Qin Seongjoo Song 2003-2004
Some Classical and Bayesian Nonparametric Regression Methods in a Longitudinal Marginal Model Mr. Jeonggang (Martin) Seo Jayanta K. Ghosh 2003-2004
Quantitative Trait Locus Analysis in Polyploids Ms. Dachuang Cao Rebecca W. Doerge, Bruce A. Craig 2003-2004
A New Statistical Model Combining Strength and Binary Choice with Applications to Paired Comparison Problems Mr. David Annis Bruce A. Craig 2003-2004
Statistical Analysis of Medical Images Mr. Nels Grevstad Chong Gu 2002-2003
Finite Mixture for Clustering, Dimension Reduction and Privacy Preserving Data Mining Mr. Xiaodong Lin Michael Zhu 2002-2003
Nonparametric Mixed-Effect Models Mr. Ping Ma Chong Gu 2002-2003
On Some Empirical Bayes and Statistical Selection and Ranking Procedures Mr. Lin (Colin) Chen Thomas M. Sellke 2002-2003
Smoothing Spline Regression: Scalable Computation and Cross Validation Ms. Young-Ju Kim Chong Gu 2002-2003
Penalized Likelihood Density Estimation: Cross Validation and Some Small Theories Mr. Jingyuan Wang Chong Gu 2002-2003
Bayesian Analysis of Nonparametric Regression Problems Mr. Messan (Charles) Amewou-Atisso Jayanta K. Ghosh 2001-2002
Statistical Issues in the Design and Analysis of Spotted Microarray Experiments Mr. Michael Alan Black Rebecca W. Doerge 2001-2002
On Semiparametric Regression Via Wavelets Mr. Leming Qu Mary Ellen Bock 2001-2002
Limit Theorem for the Spread of Branching Process with Stabilizing Drift Ms. Olga Korosteleva Thomas M. Sellke 2001-2002
Hedging of Options When the Price Process Has Jumps Whose Arrival Rate Depends on the Price History Mr. Kiseop Lee Philip Protter 2001-2002
Variable Selection Methodology for High-Dimensional Multivariate Binary Data with Application to Microbial Community DNA Fingerprint Analysis Mr. Jayson Wilbur Rebecca W. Doerge, Jayanta K. Ghosh 2001-2002
Nonparametric Regression and Density Estimation in Besov Spaced via Wavelets Mr. Eric Chicken Tianwen Tony Cai, William J. Studden 2001-2002
Choice of Priors for Hierarchical Models: Admissibility and Computation Mr. Dejun Tang Mary Ellen Bock, James O. Berger 2001-2002
On Some Statistical Inference Problems Using Empirical Bayes Approach Mr. Jianjun Li Shanti S. Gupta 2000-2001
Optimal Designs for Estimating the Path of a Stochastic Process Ms. Bhramar Mukherjee William J. Studden 2000-2001
Null Model Methods for Cluster Analysis of Gene Expression Data Mr. Brian Munneke Rebecca W. Doerge 2000-2001
Bayesian Model Selection for High Dimensional Models with Prediction Error Loss and 0-1 Loss. Mr. Nitai Mukhopadhyay James O. Berger, Jayanta K. Ghosh 1999-2000
Some Contributions to Stochastic Geometry Ms. Wen-Chi Tsai Anirban DasGupta 1999-2000
Convergence of the Euler Scheme for Stochastic Differential Equations Mr. Liqing Yan Philip Protter 1999-2000
Filtering and Estimation of Noise Contaminated Chaotic Time Series Mr. Jason H. Stover Steven P. Lalley 1999-2000
Estimation, Testing, and Forecasting for Long Memory Processes Mr. Chuanbo Zang Anirban DasGupta 1998-1999
Multiple Decision Theory: Ranking and Selection Rules Mr. Xun Lin Shanti S. Gupta 1998-1999
Limit Theorems for the Minimal Position in a Branching Random Walk with Independent Logconcave Displacements Mr. Markus Bachmann Thomas M. Sellke 1998-1999
Subsampling methods for stochastic process based on Poisson samples Mr. Zusheng (Shawn) Jin George P. McCabe 1998-1999
Development of Expected Posterior Prior Distributions for Model Comparison Mr. Jose Miguel Perez James O. Berger, Shanti S. Gupta 1998-1999
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